Scalable Cloud for Blockchain Startups: Use Case

| March 22, 2018

Recently, shared how they overcome the issue of huge traffic load spikes as it was a vital requirement for their cryptocurrency investment startup in terms of preparing for the ICO. One of the steps was choosing Hidora provider (powered by Jelastic PaaS) for their cloud hosting needs, so described how they currently benefit with this scalable solution.   

Tokenizing Real Estate

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in today’s world and enabled us not only to buy products and services, but also to make investments. Every human needs a shelter and having a place to live is a primary necessity. That’s why investment in Real Estate is one of the safest assets, along with gold, valued at US$217 trillion dollars.

The Real Estate investment process is one of the most complicated, as commonly it is accompanied by a high level of regulation, a significant transaction of cost and time, the involvement of professionals across different stages and face-to-face meetings to close the deal. offers to manage Real Estate transactions online by using blockchain technology. The creation of Real Estate Tokens (RETOs) will simplify the investment process in general, providing greater geographic mobility and fair pricing for the assets.

“ is making it easier for people to invest in Real Estate by leveraging blockchain technology which means that we enable investors to make it without a significant amount of investments easily right from their smartphones. Our Marketplace is available on web and mobile, and allows people to smoothly purchase RETOs and have them transferred to their Ethereum address or wallet. In brief, the Marketplace is what Kickstarter is to startups: a platform which brings together Real Estate companies and a wide community of investors,” - said Vincent Trouche, CEO of

Scalable Cloud Hosting For Blockchain

Currently, is preparing for the ICO and they need to be confident that the hosting they chose will handle waves of visitors to their website. As the team has already started working on creating a community, they expect high interest in their project. So their website will need to stay online all the time, because a lot of people are about to hit their server by visiting the project’s public page. Not to lose any of their potential investors, chose Hidora Swiss Cloud Hosting scalable solution.

Vincent Trouche, Chief Executive Officer, disclosed everything in details:

What are the biggest challenges on the horizon for your company?

The biggest challenge that we have today is that we are financing ourselves by means of the ICO. It is a big challenge for us because we want to attract small investors. We are not looking for millionaires to finance us. We want to attract as many small investors as possible who will finance our project.

How do you plan to use Hidora in reaching ICO goals?

Hidora powered by Jelastic is great as it is a highly flexible platform that enables us to add scalable infrastructure, so important to meet an ICO. We can meet those goals using a clustered WordPress solution from Hidora, which allows us to pay less now and handle traffic spikes automatically during the ICO. Moreover, our developers benefit from having development, staging and production environments and automation of CI/CD processes.   dockerized auto-scalable wordpress hosting blockchain startup use caseThe second point is that we can have a high level of cybersecurity, that is vital when working with cryptocurrencies.

And the last thing is that the data is stored in Switzerland, ensuring that hosting of applications and storing are fully regulated by local government and laws. These are main points why we chose to work with Hidora.

Why is it so important for you to store your data in Switzerland? Is it one of the major benefits for your company?

We are a digital interface between Real Estate companies and investors. The fact that we are based in Switzerland makes us more attractive than other regions, because Switzerland has a bilateral agreement with 121 countries. So it implicates us as investors in And, if you invest in our solution, you benefit, relying on one of the most protected jurisdictions in the world. Also, Switzerland has one of the most blockchain friendly jurisdictions compared to other countries. Global cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and Google don’t have data centers in Switzerland, so they didn’t fit well into our strategy. Meanwhile, we benefit from Hidora’s Swiss location and data privacy.

Are you satisfied with Hidora support?

Yes, absolutely. They help us a lot, providing high technical expertise, managed services, support, and assistance with any request. Moreover, Hidora team helped us during onboarding and initial deployment processes.

************ have selected auto-scalable, flexible and affordable Platform as a Service that perfectly fits their blockchain startup needs. And the ability to choose a suitable hosting location ensured data privacy for their project hosted in Switzerland, one of the most protected and blockchain friendly jurisdictions.    Hidora high quality hosting provider SwitzerlandFollow the example of  to secure your website from crashing during the traffic load peaks, achieve cost-efficiency in your cloud hosting and be able to use out-of-box clustered solutions like WordPress. Learn more about advantageous cloud hosting with Jelastic PaaS.

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