Scala in the Cloud in a Few Clicks

| June 27, 2012

Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way. It smoothly integrates features of object-oriented and functional languages, enabling Java and other programmers to be more productive. Some Java programmers find Scala a little alien at first but soon enjoy the concise way they can express their ideas as programs. Moreover, existing Java code and programmer skills are fully re-usable.

The number of leading companies that are successfully using Scala for their business applications has grown enormously. Companies like Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, the Guardian, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and UBS are now using it.

As you know Jelastic supports any JVM-based applications including pure Java, JRuby, Scala, Groovy and ColdFusion/CFML.

In this post we'll show how to deploy your Scala application to the cloud. It's as easy as ABC! Let's do it right now!

Create the environment

1. Go to and sign up if you haven't done it yet or log in with your Jelastic credentials by clicking the Sign In link on the page.

2. Ask Jelastic to create a new environment.

3. In the Environment topology dialog which opens, pick Tomcat 6 as your application server and type your environment name, for example, scalaapp and click Create.

Wait just a minute for your environment to be created.

Upload Java package

1. Upload your war file to the Deployment manager (we use simple Hello world application, this project you can download here).

2. Once the package is in Jelastic, deploy it to the environment you have created earlier.

That's all you have to do! Enjoy!