Report on recent issues with Jelastic at Host Europe

| October 11, 2011

Here's a quick write-up on what happened to Jelastic deployment at Host Europe yesterday.
Success of Jelastic at JavaOne and yesterday's publication about Jelastic at significantly increased the interest in the platform, and the number of new users coming to the European deployment of Jelastic turned out to be higher than it was anticipated.
This resulted Jelastic servers getting overloaded and some environments on one of the hardware server starting to fail. Jelastic customers on other Host Europe servers and ServInt customers were not affected.
Jelastic team worked with Host Europe to quickly add new hardware and live migrate workloads from the failing server.
Within a few hours the service was fully resolved, and has since been fully operational. No user data has been lost.
We are terribly sorry if your deployments were affected in any way. We are now working with Host Europe to make sure that the deployment has sufficient extra capacity to handle popularity spikes.