Private Cloud for eLogistics Platform: SATIAMO at Jelastic

| March 9, 2017

Satiamo Use Case with Jelastic Private CloudJust recently we talked about reasons why Dotweblabs web development company had chosen Jelastic Private Cloud, and today you are welcome to read an interview with SATIAMO, a well-known eLogistics platform provider and consulting company from Austria. Walter Gugenberger, Software Engineer at SATIAMO will share top decisive points of choosing Jelastic cloud instead of a private server.

Tell us about your company/project

Satiamo GmbH was started 10 years ago in the state of Upper Austria in Austria, Europe.

We are working as a logistics consulting company and help manufacturing companies to organize and optimize their logistics processes. This is supported by our own eLogistics platform called ELOGATE.

ELOGATE has been developed to help our customers across the globe to save time and money within their logistics department. Hence the name of the company, SATIAMO -> SAves TIme And MOney

What cloud hosting solutions you previously used?

We hosted our own server and set up everything ourselves.

Did you face some difficulties while setting up and hosting your project? What problems you had to solve?

It took a very long time and was prone to errors. Now with Jelastic everything works so smoothly.

What were the key reasons to move to Jelastic? What features/services attracted you?

Simplicity, Scalability, Reliability. The fact that you can deploy an environment within a few minutes by the click of a button makes this solution very attractive. Now we have several systems to test our product on, before we only had one.

How have you set up your environments?

All our test systems form a three-tier architecture. The first tier is a simple layer of NGINX load balancers, followed by two servlet containers (currently Apache Tomcat) and enclosed by three Percona databases with master-master session replication.

Jelastic Private Cloud Topology of Satiamo eLogistics environments

What were the results when you switched to Jelastic? Did you see a performance increase?

We experienced a massive gain in development time. The fact that we share more servers among the developers allows us a faster turnaround. We've also become faster with testing, developing and shipping our product to the customer. Additionally, the performance of the databases has increased a lot.

What was the cost difference?

Comparing to the old times, when Satiamo was hosted on our own server, we certainly pay now more than before, but we also get more profit out of it. So, all in all we are really satisfied with the pricing.

Are you satisfied with the Jelastic support?

To be quite honest, Jelastic offers one of the best supports I/we have ever experienced. You guys respond extremely fast and always had a great solution to our problems. A recent example happened some weeks ago. Our hoster experienced issues with the connectivity to their datacenter, before we even noticed we had an email from one of your technicians, that was amazing.

What features you still require and would like us to add?

It would be nice if it was possible to turn off single nodes through the dashboard. E.g. turn off only the Tomcat container to speed up the import of a new test database. Currently, it is possible only by logging into the container through SSH.

Your general impression and highlights of using the platform.

Our experience with Jelastic is all in all very satisfying and it is a pleasure to use your product. Everything works, the design, the functionality and the support. I would definitely recommend Jelastic to other developers and actually have done that.

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