PrestaShop Cloud Hosting with Easy Setup of Online Stores

| January 21, 2021
PrestaShop Cloud Hosting for online stores

Are you looking for a free e-commerce platform to launch your online store? If so, then PrestaShop can be the solution for you. 

PrestaShop is a pure e-commerce engine that was created for running small and medium online stores. It is a ready-to-go solution that requires a minimum of modules and has a bunch of high-quality templates.

This CMS is easy to use as all actions with program logic are literally "constructed" in the built-in visual editor. And Jelastic PaaS also simplified the installation and cloud hosting of this e-commerce platform by fully automating setup and scaling processes. So, let’s get down to business and follow a few simple steps to get your online store up and running.

PrestaShop Installation

Sign in to your Jelastic account and find the PrestaShop application in the Marketplace.

PrestaShop Cloud Hosting marketplace

If required change the Environment name and destination Region (if several are available).

PrestaShop installation

In a couple of minutes your PrestaShop platform will be online. You may go shopping with demo data by pressing the Open in Browser button.

PrestaShop installed in cloud

Or you can fill in the store with real data via the Admin panel using provided credentials.

PrestaShop admin panel

PrestaShop Admin Panel Brute Force Protection

Due to security reasons and in order to protect the sites against brute forcing attempts, the Admin panel URL that is displayed within the successful installation window can be used only once. The default /admin part is going to be changed on the fly to a randomly generated name after the first access to the Admin panel.

Before entering admin panel, you can see admin directory under webroot in the Configuration File Manager.

PrestaShop default url

After accessing the Admin panel (for example,, the store’s engine generates new directory name instead of the default admin and redirects request to a new URL (for example, 

PrestaShop protection

You can rename this folder, to make the URL more user-friendly and easy to remember. Use any title except for the /admin. For example /admin-secret.

PrestaShop custom url

PrestaShop Security and Custom Domain

To ensure privacy and security it is mandatory to make the store working via HTTPS protocol. And definitely each online e-commerce site requires a custom domain that is an important part of a brand. So let’s create and bind a custom domain to the shop and enable SSL traffic encryption.

1. Go to the environment at the dashboard and press Change Environment Topology.

PrestaShop Cloud Hosting environment

2. Add a public IP address to the Apache application server

PrestaShop Cloud Hosting public ip

3. Create an A Record for your custom domain that will be bound to the generated public IP at your domain registrar, for example,

4. After that, find and install Let’s Encrypt SSL Add-on in Jelastic Marketplace.

PrestaShop Cloud Hosting let's encrypt ssl

5. Put the custom domain name in the External Domain(s) field.

PrestaShop Cloud Hosting custom domain

6. Finally, you have to change the online store URL. 

  • Open admin panel, then go to the General settings and click on “Please click here to check if your shop supports HTTPS.”
PrestaShop Cloud Hosting https
  • Proceed through the several steps of the web browser warnings of unsecure connection and accept the risk to login to the insecure Admin panel.
PrestaShop Cloud Hosting connection
  • Switch to Yes the Enable SSL and Enable SSL on all pages. Scroll down and press the Save button.
PrestaShop Cloud Hosting enable ssl
  • Finally, change the site URLs and re-login to the Admin panel with the custom domain. 
PrestaShop Cloud Hosting change domain

Now, your store is ready to be filled with real data and serve your customers.

Enjoy the benefits of PrestaShop e-commerce platform while running your online shops in the cloud with one of Jelastic PaaS service providers.