PHP Cloud Hosting in One Click!

| January 29, 2013
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You’ve been waiting for it… And now, it’s here!

We are proud to announce that Jelastic became a polyglot platform and now supports one of the web most popular programming languages - PHP. The best things in using PHP are that it is extremely simple for a newcomer, but offers many advanced features for a professional programmer.

"We are very excited to announce Jelastic for PHP, with the features and flexibility to host and scale complex PHP applications. We’ve made it easier than ever to develop and run PHP apps, without vendor lock-in, in the data center of your choice, worldwide,” said Ruslan Synytsky, our CEO. “For innovative hosting companies, our channel program offers the next-level cloud services needed to compete with the big guys.”

Our PHP cloud hosting offers numerous advantages for you. Let's examine some of them:

  • High Availability and Horizontal Scalability: When visitor's demand requires deploying PHP applications across multiple nodes, Jelastic ensures high availability and horizontal scaling in just a few clicks. Built-in cluster management capabilities enable applications to easily scale up or down.
  • Smart automatic vertical scaling: Applications receive as much CPU and RAM as needed for each server node. If load increases, resources are instantly reallocated to meet demands. Jelastic users never overpay for unnecessarily large “server instances,” and do not need to manage resources.
  • High level of security and isolation: Each server node executes in a virtual container in complete isolation, even when it runs on the same physical server. Container isolation provides security and resource usage protection of applications from one another.
  • Simple cloud setup: Select (and easily switch between) PHP versions, configure PHP settings, network ports, public IP addresses, and more. Unlike Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Jelastic manages everything for you, so you stay focused on your application and not on your environment.
  • Flexible for any application: Select Apache or NGINX application servers, SQL (MariaDB, PostgresSQL, MySQL) or NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB) databases, and Memcached. Multiple PHP extensions and most modules are available. Git/SVN integration makes deployment simple.
  • Application lifecycle management: Easily test, stage, and deploy applications to production without code changes and swap or clone environments for production pushes or troubleshooting.

PHP for Jelastic is currently available in the US, Russia, Germany, UK, Japan, Finland and Brazil. Over 30,000 users around the globe are using our hosting platform. Become a part of Jelastic big family today! Just go to and register to test your apps on Jelastic for free.