Partnership Program for Hosting Providers to Grow Business with Jelastic PaaS. Overview from Inside

| June 20, 2017

With Jelastic, hosting service providers can offer their customers elastic PaaS with rich web UI for easy creation, scaling, clustering and smooth updates of monolithic applications and microservices. But how this partnership works, what is required and what is provided?

Find out what are the main reasons for hosting service providers to partner with Jelastic: what target audience it opens, how it helps to differentiate on the market, what partnership and go-to-market programs are offered for service providers, how the installation and support are performed, and other peculiarities.

More details about internal process of work with service providers are uncovered in the interviews with Jelastic team: Ruslan Synytsky (CEO), Alex Anikin (VP of Sales), Oleg Levkovsky (Director of Account Management Department), Dmitry Lazarenko (Director of Channel Management) and Tetiana Fydorenchyk (Director of Marketing and Communications).

What is the difference compared to other competitive solutions?

Our solution is designed for hosting service providers to run hosting business successfully, so this is the main key difference. The second one is a business model. It`s different from the others because we don`t provide services directly to end-customers - developers, - we are working with trusted partners around the globe, and we help them to reach local communities and to deliver high-quality solution for IT companies in local regions.

What is the key technology behind Jelastic?

  • First of all, containers that provide high density. It`s great for hosting business, smart resources utilization, and for highly performing applications
  • The second is automatic vertical  scaling that helps customers to handle load spikes quickly without redesign of the applications. It also allows hosting service providers to be different on the market and offer unique pricing model for end customers based on real usage, not on the limits
  • The third one is Cloud Scripting, which was designed to simplify delivery of complex applications, and dynamic configuration of clustered environments

What is Jelastic value for hosting providers?

Jelastic is a great product for those hosting providers who would like to compete with big players like Google, Azure, AWS, differentiate themselves on the local market and explore new markets.

At the moment we have more than 50 data centers with Jelastic installed as a public cloud in 29 countries.

A great number of managed containers, support of Docker containers, built-in marketplace with more than 100 available applications, out of the box integration of most popular billing systems, multi-datacenter management, built-in metering, monitoring and troubleshooting tools make Jelastic platform a perfect solution for our hosting partners and their clients.

What business model is used?

We practice revenue sharing model which means that we get a part of the revenue generated by our hosting partner. So our own growth totally depends on the business performance of our partners. And it creates a unique atmosphere - in fact, we become one team with our partner, we share the same values, struggle to grow our joint business, help each other, conquer new markets and customers together. We are in the same boat,  our partner problems are our problems, and our partner success is our success.

What professional services are offered?

Jelastic is not just a software and a great tool for growing successful hosting business. It’s also a complex of powerful professional services provided by our team. We not only deliver out-of-the-box solution but share with our partners knowledge, expertise, and skills essential for commercial success.

We take responsibility for Jelastic deployment, configuration, necessary customization. We provide support training, Marketing & Sales training and access to Jelastic Partners Portal that includes a set of unique frameworks that help Jelastic service providers boost their sales and generate superior revenue.

We constantly develop our technology and introduce new features demanded by our partners and their customers. We have, at least, four major platform release each year and provide our partners with free upgrades.

We really love our partners and customers and we care about them.

How is the communication between hosting partners and Jelastic performed?

There is a special Account Management department in Jelastic, which consists of skillful and meticulous account and project managers who are responsible for communication with Jelastic partners. The biggest peculiarity of this direction is that after the contract is signed, each Jelastic partner immediately receives a dedicated project manager, who leads the process of Jelastic platform deployment and customization, helps to launch the project commercially, and keeps assisting and managing the project after the commercial launch. So in case our partners have any questions, they know whom they can contact to get a competent answer. The creed of AM department is "Our job is to make clients happy!"

What is the installation and configuration process?

Jelastic platform installation and configuration are fully managed by Jelastic Operations team. After the pre-requirements for the installation (such as servers, IP ranges, SSL certificates) are provided Jelastic OPS engineer makes the deployment of the platform and the partner gets everything installed and configured out of the box (including monitoring, backup, and business analytics solutions).

Besides, Jelastic specialists provide assistance with billing system integration, upon partner’s choice (by default, each Jelastic platform has a built-in billing engine which is compatible with such billing systems as WHMCS, PBA, PBAS, OSA also we provide API for integration with custom billing systems).

What help is provided for partners to reach high-level technical support?

Before launching the project commercially partner's support team, who is going to be involved in Jelastic management, has to pass support training delivery, which is a mandatory requirement. This training consists of 3 stages, covering all the aspects of Jelastic platform management, after each stage, every participant must pass support survey to check the received knowledge. This way, our partners get prepared to work with Jelastic, manage it and troubleshoot end users problems.

Support training delivery is included into the installation fee and requires no additional payments. Besides we have a dedicated 24/7 support team, which consists of skillful technical engineers, who are always ready to give a helping hand. So, if a partner faces a problematic issue, he can escalate it to Jelastic support team anytime via support ticket system or via emergency phone number.

What is the typical profile of Jelastic end-user?

Jelastic is extremely popular among customers who are looking for a high-level automation and scalability for their applications in the cloud. So, typically these customers are ISVs and SMEs, such as Software as a Service providers, startups, software development agencies, or even retailers and banking financial sectors.

Why Jelastic is so popular among developers?

I can explain why Jelastic is so popular among developers in 3 simple words:

  • Self service
  • Automation
  • Scalability

It means that using Jelastic, customers have access to really handy and powerful self-service portal. They do not need to use any command line interface, or any API. However, they can use it for some additional automation. Moreover, Jelastic provides high-level automation for provisioning of different middleware and database stacks in the cloud. Also, customers can scale applications up and down, in and out very smoothly, without any issues.

Is there any Go-to-Market program for hosting providers?

In order to help our hosting partners to build their own GTM strategy, we have a special marketing program that starts right after signing the contract and lasts throughout the project lifecycle. It includes a set of marketing training calls, joint press release, marketing jumpstarts and partners portal with already prepared sales presentations, images for social media, samples of landing pages and mailing campaigns, sources of video materials and lots of other stuff that can be used as a basis for partners marketing efforts.

Except that, we support our partners in organizing and participation at different events like meetups, conferences, webinars, hackathons and other activities of this kind. We understand that success of our partners is our success, so keep working with them tightly to achieve high results.

What is the marketing strategy targeted on the end customers?

Same as with Jelastic platform development, in marketing, we try to produce materials that are useful for our customers: technical articles, overviews of trends, webinars with specific demo etc. We try to listen to the feedback and demands of the users at the forums, during meetups and conferences, while having interviews with current customers. And based on the gathered information, we not only tune the direction of our product line but also our marketing activities. All the materials that we produce are aimed to educate and share the expertise in the areas like cloud computing, containers, topics oriented on specific programming languages and on application lifecycle management in general.

Interested to grow your hosting business margin? Start partnering with Jelastic and get the required solution and support.