PacHosting Partner with Jelastic to Extend Offering from IaaS to PaaS

| April 8, 2015

Today we are very happy to announce that Jelastic have secured a new hosting partner in Hong Kong!
PacHosting is a leading hosting service provider based in Hong Kong. With a strategic focus on fast paced product development in integrating cloud technology benefits to service offerings, they have exceptional experience in commoditizing various infrastructure-based technical edges to provide mainland China network route and SSD Storage options to customers. PacHosting offers Cloud Servers Virtual Machine, Virtual Datacenter Solutions, Bare Metal Cloud and Managed Server Solutions to startups, small and midsize businesses, government agencies, and major listed companies across Asia Pacific, Europe and the rest of the world.

Below is an excerpt of the press release

“PacHosting have a solid and reliable telecommunications infrastructure, an excellent reputation and a high demand for flexible and affordable cloud solutions, making them a perfect partner for us,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO. “PacHosting are taking advantage of Jelastic cloud services that will support the growth of activity, without compromising security, regulatory compliance, and governance of corporate data.”
The ingredients of cloud service offerings are ever changing and are driven by customer expectations over time. Jelastic Cloud has provided PacHosting with a new way to deploy services for DevOps with simple navigation on its intelligent dashboard, where you can perform one-click deployments on the entire application stack and even load balancing and high availability setup, without starting from scratch. There is a growing demand in digital campaigns, which favor a fast time-to-market schedule and flexible billing. The rapid deployment and usage based billing design of Jelastic works well to fill in this huge niche.
“We have been successfully engaged in an IaaS business model for many years and we are ready to introduce the platform service to Hong Kong and Mainland China IT sectors. Jelastic helped us to extend our product offering to PaaS, which brings us a new sales stream with a brand new demand edge. Being one of the first partners to launch with Docker integration, we are sure the compatibility the service can adapt to is now enormous,” said Natalie Kong, PacHosting CEO.
From the beginning, Jelastic has been the pioneer PaaS using containers virtualization technology for application deployment, lifecycle management, scalability and ZERO CC (zero code changes). In addition, Jelastic provides unique vertical scaling for all application containers with load spikes and variable loads in general. The granular vertical scaling provides the ability to automatically scale up and down stateful apps, legacy apps and apps that were not designed for horizontal scaling, resulting an easy way to migrate and improve existing workloads.
Read the complete release here.