OpenJDK Adoption Group Need Your Feedback on Java 9 Features!

| July 21, 2015

java9Java 9 is coming, and the OpenJDK Adoption Group have compiled a comprehensive list of feature additions, changes and removals projected for JDK9. The Java community is buzzing and this topic is high on their agenda. And they need your feedback and help to make this version the best it can possibly be!
See the features of JDK9

Ways to contribute

"It's important that this message of reviewing and testing Java 9 early gets spread through the community, so please do pass onto your internal mailing lists, twitter followers, mention it at your meetings etc! Take a look at the JDK 9 outreach page where you can find the changes and some suggested early testing you can do. For further information and to get involved going forwards please join the Adopt OpenJDK programme as well as the Adopt Group in OpenJDK."
This article at InfoQ explains how life will change for Java developers with the Java 9 release, hallmark features and more ways to get involved.

Why do we care?

At Jelastic we are passionate about Java! It was the first programming language we chose when we launched, and our name is based on the combination of Java+Elastic = Jelastic
Most of our users prefer Java - in fact a whopping 52% of them!
Our platform supports Java 6, 7 and 8 and once Java 9 is approved by the community, we will add it as quickly as possible to Jelastic Cloud.

Some name dropping

The father of Java, James Gosling uses Jelastic! Have you seen the video where he talks about our awesomeness?

“I really like Jelastic. It’s actually software package that a number of ISPs are using. It’s a Java hosting system and so you don’t get a bare Linux machine. What you get is a JavaEE container, and you can drop WAR files on them and they have this really nice control panel where you get a slider that says how many clones of Glassfish do you want and check boxes for [databases]. You don’t have to go into Linux – Oh my God, what it takes to install anything: it’s like which version of Linux is compatible with which app server and what time… they actually take care of that and it works lovely. I actually built these clusters and they can span multiple ISPs, multiple countries, multiple datacenters, and that’s how I deal with my personal extreme paranoia of the survivability of these things.”

Win a one-on-one dinner with James Gosling!

We are holding a contest where you could win a prize that Java programmers only dream of – dinner with Father of Java, James Gosling, Brazil Java Man, Bruno Souza, and creator of Java cloud platform, Ruslan Synytsky, during JavaOne in San Francisco!

Three steps to win the dinner with James Gosling

  • All entrants must have an active Java project deployed on Jelastic (if you are not Jelastic user yet, feel free to register at any hosting provider and deploy your app)
  • Post a blog article or on a technical forum the answer to this question “How does Jelastic help your Java project?“
  • Share your post/article on social media with the hashtag #JelasticJavaJames

JUG tour Brazil

Last month, Ruslan Synytsky, Bruno Souza, Edson Yanaga, Bruno Borges, Steven Chin, Alessandro Jannuzzi, Otávio Santana and Cassio Scozzafave visited as many JUGs as they could over the course of 3 weeks as part of the Java20 tour which celebrated 20 years of Java. We are planning to create a similar tour in Europe! If you are part of a JUG or a Java community in Europe and you would like to meet us in your city, please email us.

Get Docker with Java 9 Installation

To host Docker with Java 9 follow this instruction:
1. Log in to the Jelastic dashboard and click on New environment at the top left. Choose the Docker tab and click on the Select Container button:
2. In the opened window, select Search on Hub Registry and find the following docker template: jelastic/oracle-java9
3. Select the needed docker image and click the Add button:
4. When all of the necessary actions are completed you should click on the Create button for creating Docker Java 9:
In a few minutes your environment with Docker Java 9 will be created and will appear in the environment list:
5. To check that you’ve got JDK 9

  • Open your terminal and establish an SSH connection using the string from Settings > SSH Keychain > Public.


  • In the console execute the following command java -version

Now you have your own Java 9 Docker in Jelastic Cloud. Enjoy!

Java activities

We want to know what's happening in the Java community and to have the opportunity to participate in Java activities. As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can contribute to make Java even better.
Have you tried out Java with Jelastic? Simply register for a free two-week trial period, choosing among dozens of Jelastic installations available world-wide.