Open-Source Database Marketshare: November 2011

By | November 21, 2011
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Jelastic is continuing to share with you data on the popularity of open-source databases among thousands of Java developers using our Java PaaS platform. A month ago we made a post on how the MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB marketshares looked like in October – now let’s see what changed in November.

Here’s the global popularity of MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, and MongoDB databases among developers on Jelastic in November 2011:

MySQL is the leader far ahead of everyone else. PostgreSQL database has got the second place. MariaDB strengthens its position. MongoDB, which is our only NoSQL database for now, shows impressive results.

Looking by regions, PostgreSQL has more fans in North America and MariaDB stays more popular in Europe (Jelastic is currently available from European and US datacenters).

Looking at the numbers:




















Obviously, it is even more interesting to see the trends. Here’s how the numbers changed from last month:

Looks like MySQL is slightly loosing the marketshare, with MariaDB and PostgreSQL gaining at its expense. Stay tuned to see the updated results next month!

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  • El uso Popular y Crecimiento de MYSQL es relevante por el Mercadeo y Promocion de la Corporacion Oracle sin embargo PostgreSQL que actualmente viene sumando su participacion en el Open Source con el apoyo de EnterpriseDB que desarrolla PostgreSQL Advanced Server en Open Source su participacion viene en forma ascendente creo que hay mucho que analizar y el 2012 se ve prometedor

  • Ƿhich MySQL groƿþ¸Erneſto? MySQL and MariaDB are tƿo verſions of ðe ſame ſyſtem, ðe former haviŋ been acquired by Oracle & ðe latter beiŋ developed by ðe original MySQL developers. So, effectively, people are migratiŋ from one verſion to anoðer. Ðe real neƿs is people migratiŋ from Mongo to PoſtgreSQL, due to findiŋ ðe many limitations hidden in ðe NoSQL hype. Ðe ſame may yet happen to ðe MySQL‐MariaDB complex, ƿhich carries many important limitations and ißues ƿhen compared to Poſtgres, but ðat remains to be ſeen.

    Alſo, EnterpriſeDB is a factor, but not a huge one. Much more important to Poſtgres is its community & uſers.

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