Open Sessions and Dedicated Partners Gathering from Jelastic PaaS at CloudFest 2018. Get Your Invitation

| February 13, 2018

Cloud ecosystem grows and pulls more and more application development out of on-premise. The question is now not, “Should I implement cloud services to support my business?”’ but instead, “how and when?” Considering such evolution how up to date are you with the world’s cloud news, trends, and technologies?

A short time ago WHD, the annual hosting conference was renamed to CloudFest, and this year it will gather most significant players in cloud market to discuss innovations, ways to improve business and achieve ROI goals. A place where like-minded thinkers and visionaries cooperate to move the cloud industry forward. And Jelastic will be for sure among them as a Gold Partner with own busy program, so let’s dive deeper and see what is planned.

Date: March 10-16, 2018

Place: Europa Park, Rust, Germany    cloudfest 2018 open sessions

Open Sessions: Routes to Business Gold Mine for Service Providers

This year we are organizing a series of Open Sessions, inviting all the attendees in order to share the experience and discuss the ways of growing business with cloud services, creating new revenue channels and keeping the pace of arising customers demands.

Date: March 13, 4 pm

Place: Circus Celebration Meeting Room

During this meeting, there will be covered the topics on how to build profitable managed services with aPaaS, automated SaaS, by providing modernization of traditional applications, as well as discussed upcoming GDPR with its impact on cloud business and needed steps to meet the requirements. Below are more details on some topics that are going to be presented:

Managed aPaaS and Automated SaaS to Create New Revenue Channels

We will unveil how service providers and ISVs can generate higher revenue, delivering out-of-box clustered solutions for end-users, available in one-click without any complex configurations. There will be shared service providers experience of using highly-demanded packaged templates of WordPress, Magento, Java EE clusters and auto-replicated databases reliable for production in order to reduce the cost and time on support and maintenance of users projects. And ISVs will find out how to level up their business with such packages, bringing full automation for their SaaS and making the entry point for their customers as smooth as possible.

Jelastic Cloud Partners Come Together

Partnering with service providers we provide customers around the globe with the uncompromised flexibility of PaaS, required performance and qualified local support. Jelastic Cloud Union already lists 60 data centers and is still growing. So to make this partnership even more profitable, we organize the annual gathering to highlight the achievements, share successful business experience, as well as discuss the internal requirements and next steps in the platform development.

Spoiler: This year all the partners who attend our private meeting will receive special gifts on the occasion Jelastic 7 year anniversary.

Date: March 14, 3-6 pm

Place: Magellan meeting room (Santa Isabel hotel)

Are you a part of Jelastic Cloud Union? Please notify us at if you join this meetup.

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