Jelastic and Chronon Partner to Deliver One-Click Install of DripStat

| June 19, 2014

As we announced last week in our 2.2 release, Jelastic is adding over 200 popular apps to our dashboard and website. Customers will be able to install them using a one-click widget.

Development and testing of the widget has been implemented by one of Jelastic’s partners - DripStat.

So, what is DripStat?

DripStat provides free Application Performance Monitoring as a Service for Java, Scala and Groovy applications.

DripStat also supports Spring Boot and Java 8, something that is not supported by NewRelic.

DripStat has also announced the launch of “Transactions”, a key APM feature which looks inside your code to see what transactions are present and track the performance of each one.

For example if you have a REST API you can see exactly how it is performing.


DripStat also supports Spring, JAX-RS and Servlets, all 3 of the most popular java frameworks.  And, in addition, Java 8 - something that even New Relic does not support.

Look inside the performance metrics of your JVM

JVM Statistics

  • Monitor in real time the various stats of your JVM like the Heap size, Thread count, GC activity, etc.

High GC Alerts

  • Does your app frequently become non-responsive due to High GC? DripStat will alert you when there is High GC activity on your JVM.

Environment Information

  • See the Environment of your JVM. Whether its figuring the exact JVM version or the library on the classpath, all information is at your fingertips.

Prevent OutOfMemory exceptions

  • You will receive automatic alerts before you are about to run OutOfMemory and your heap is growing too large. This will give you time to prevent it and see the root cause.

Full Java 8 Support

  • Using Java 8? DripStat supports it fully. Don't let your APM hold you back from switching to the latest Java!

One-click Installation

And now, let's see how to easily install this already packaged and preconfigured application using the installation widget at DripStat's website:

DripStat Jelastic Widget

Enter your email address.


A confirmation to check your email will be shown.


An email is sent with a link.

Once the link is clicked, you'll be redirected to the Jelastic dashboard. There, you'll see a confirmation window opened where you need to specify:

  • Application name which will be used to identify the application in the DripStat dashboard
  • License key which you can see by going to the Account page in DripStat admin panel (sign up to get access to this panel)

Click Install to initiate the process.


The process of installation begins. Wait few minutes for Creation, Deployment and Configuration to be completed.




As a result, you will see a running environment with DripStat enabled.

Now, you can deploy any application you need and proceed to monitoring it via the DripStat admin panel.


About DripStat

DripStat is a product of Chronon Systems Inc.

With the help of Jelastic Packaging Standard we’ve packaged the most popular and requested applications, previously configured in the most beneficial way. These applications can be automatically installed directly from the dashboard skipping many steps of manual deployment.  To learn more about how to package your application read the following documents: