Newsletter – March 29, 2012

| March 29, 2012

It's been a huge week here at Jelastic. With upgrades, new integrations and recovering from World Hosting Days. We have a pretty short and sweet newsletter (if you don't count all the cool updates) this week, so let's go to it!

Jelastic Updates


The last two nights, the Jelastic team, worked around the clock to make some pretty huge upgrades happen. We updated a ton of stuff. A lot of those updates are now visible in your dashboard and some of them you won't notice unless you are using them. So let me give you the breakdown on which ones you will notice immediately and the ones that you will appreciate once you start using them.

Internal Updates:

  • You now have much faster and also more stable stats collection on your resource consumption
  • We improved the CPU calculations for more accurate readings
  • The javaagent parameter is now available to you
  • A totally new pool manager is now running, increasing the speed of environment creation, as well as improving stability of those environments
  • And a number of templates were updated:
    • PostgreSQL was updated to 8.4.1
    • MariaDB was updated to 5.2.10
    • MongoDB was updated to 2.0.2
    • And MySQL was updated to 5.5

Visible Changes:

  • The first thing you will notice is that now you see the logo of your hosting provider as soon as you log in and in your dashboard
  • New icons showing HDD usage for each container within an environment
  • HDD usage is tracked and displayed conveniently within your Statistics
  • You can now use Jelastic in 4 languages (English, German, Japanese and Russian), and change it on the fly
  • New environment topology output: environment type, along with updated icons and smoothing
  • A new "Report Bug" button that allows you to reach support directly with all the necessary technical data attached to your report
  • Updates within the Environment Creating Wizard:
    • Total redesign: this is probably the first thing you will notice that has a DRAMATIC change -- better layout, better icons and widgets and more options
    • Vertical scaling is now available to be set separately for each kind of container
    • Interactive tips and helps
  • No timeout errors generated by your browser when creating environments that take over 10 minutes, like with GlassFish

Deploying Razuna to the Cloud

Razuna is a pretty cool DAM system. If you are wondering why why we are throwing "DAM" around... DAM stands for something. I know we already have to many acronyms, but this one is pretty cool when you use Razuna. DAM stands for digital asset management, and Razuna does a killer job of it.
If you want to deploy it quickly and easily, Jelastic is your answer. All you need to do is create yourself a Tomcat environment and then head over to and pick up the WAR for it.
Then, it's as easy as: Upload and Deploy.
If you want to check out a more detailed how-to on it. Go here: How to Deploy Razuna to Jelastic in less than 2 minutes!

More Cool Stuff

If you have any questions over the updates, or having any issues, please let us know. You can reach us for support at Support@Jelastic or with more general questions at

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