Newsletter – February 29, 2012

| February 29, 2012
A quick note on this newsletter: It won't happen again for 4 more years! Today is Leap Day!
In this week's newsletter, we'll be having a showdown, a how-to, and update and forecast. Sounds awesome. And it is!


I doubt you missed it, but on Monday, we decided it was time to go big or go home. We know that Jelastic is pretty much the most awesome PaaS for Java hosting out there; so we decided to put it up against the biggest player in the game, Google. Google App Engine vs Jelastic. Who do you think won? I'll give you a hint: it wasn't the guy with vendor lock-in, throttling and quotas...

Orbeon on Jelastic. Wha?!

No one said it was this easy...

100 logo and text horizontalOrbeon Forms is probably the most used and easiest way to deploy the XForms standard. With Jelastic, it is super easy to get it up and running. It is as simple as creating an environment, uploading the Java package and then deploying it to the running environment. It's almost too easy. The how-to is the post before this, or you can go here. But that is what we are trying to do here at Jelastic: we are in the business of making the life of the developer, and whomever wants to deploy apps to the cloud, easier.

The OpenCF Summit

This last weekend, we were at the OpenCF Summit in Dallas. It was all about Open ColdFusion and related technology, developments and news. Our own Judah Johns spoke about how to deploy CFML apps to the Cloud using Jelastic. The response was great and a lot of people really liked Jelastic. Tomorrow on the blog, you can look for his summary of the conference along with some of the things we learned, as well as his presentation. And if you missed our how-to a little while back on deploying CFML apps the Cloud, it's here.
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Judah Johns, Chief Evangelist @ Jelestic, Inc.
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