Newsletter – February 22, 2012

| February 22, 2012

Hey! Hope you have been having a great week. In this edition of the newsletter, I want to share with you a couple cool how-to's, news about our commercial release and some stuff that we learned at the Parallels Summit.

Commercial Release

If you didn't get a chance to see it, we announced when we will be doing our commercial release. In conjunction with our partners, Servint and dogado, we announced that next month, March, will be when we finally do our commercial release and come out of beta. Next month!

We are really excited about this and are working around the clock to make sure that we get all the bugs and kinks out and it looks like we will be right on track to make this happen.

If you are interested in reading the news release, which includes what our pricing will be, you can find it here.

Play! Framework Support

100 logo and text horizontalIt was the most requested feature to be made available, and now it is.
Last week we launched full support for the Play! framework and it has been taking off! It was the most voted on new feature to be added and now it works in the Jelastic Cloud.
Play is one of the most popular frameworks on the web, helping developers build cool apps on the web using Java and Scala.
Getting up and running is really easy. Just create the environment, configure your database and then launch the app with a few string changes. Boom! You've got Play! in the Jelastic Cloud in about 8min.
If you want to see the detailed how-to, you can read it here.

Deploying XWiki the Easy Way

100 logo and text horizontalIf you don't already have a wiki for your business or your organization, now is a good time to start. Aside from being really useful, it is a great way to present information and create a gathering place for your community.
XWiki is just about the best way to make your wiki happen. Just go and download the latest version from and then upload that package to Jelastic. Create your environment and database and then, after you make a few changes to the XWiki install, you are ready to deploy it.
A more detailed how-to with screenshots is here.

Parallels Summit Takeaways

100 logo and text horizontalThe Parallels Summit in Orlando was awesome. We had a great time, got to meet tons of cool people and had a chance to showcase Jelastic to the hosting community.
In short, everyone loved Jelastic.
But we learned a few things too.
Guy Kawasaki probably said it best during his keynote: "You have to learn to enchant your customer." That is something that we have been trying to do from day 1.
We created Jelastic when we realized that the projects that we wanted to work on would never happen within the confines of the currently available PaaS options out there. So, we set out to make the best PaaS in the world.
Jelastic was made by devs for devs. But, we also realized that having a sweet UI was important; and we also realized that making it really easy to deploy apps the Cloud was important. That is where Jelastic came from. We've been working hard to make Jelastic the best platform for Java hosting out there, and we think we are doing a pretty good job. As I like to say, "Jelastic takes the sys-admin out of being a developer."
We hope that you like what we have been doing. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

One last thing...

This weekend, we will be at the OpenCF Summit in Dallas, TX. We will be showing how easy it is to deploy CFML apps the Cloud using Jelastic.
If you are around, please say hello! It would be great to meet you.

And as always, you can always find us on Twitter or Facebook.

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We appreciate you using Jelastic. Below are a few links, to our Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Video Channel. These are great learning resources and easy ways to stay in touch with us. We are also always available at our support forums, answering any questions that you might have. Thanks you for using Jelastic and for providing your feedback.

Ruslan Synytskyy,CEO @ Jelestic, Inc.

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