Newsletter – April 27, 2012

| April 27, 2012

Hope this newsletter finds you well. To say that things are hectic around here atJelastic is an understatement! We are in the midst of commercial and beta launches, we just finished up our Series A funding and are busy making sure that our platform meets all of your demands. In other words, it is a lot of fun right now here at Jelastic.

The News: Jelastic receives $2 Million in Series A funding round

If you didn't hear about this, it just happened! Almaz Capital Partners and Foresight Ventures led this round of funding to help us meet the growing demand for our platform, as well as continue innovating and growing our team so that we make sure that everyone that wants to gets a chance to use Jelastic.

We are committed to becoming the first, truly global PaaS. We are already available in more places than any one of our competitors but we want to be available in every country! This funding will help accelerate that process. If you would like to see the press release, you can find it here. We are changing how we do our press releases, let us know if you like this format better. I sure do.

More News: Jelastic beta launched in Russia with Rusonyx

As I mentioned above, we intend to be the world's first global PaaS. And this is part of that commitment. We have partnered with one of the first and also the most reputable hosting provider in Russia, Rusonyx.

So, if you are in Russia, you now have Jelastic available locally and in Russian! Or, if you want to use Jelastic in English, with Rusonyx, you can! You can change the language on the fly. Another first. No one else does. No one.

If you want to read more about our beta with Rusonyx, check it here.

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If you have any questions about the beta with Rusonyx, or any issue at all, please let us know. We would love to help you. You can find support at Support@Jelastic or, if you have more general questions, drop as an email at

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