New Mobile Application for Your Cloud Environment Monitoring

By | September 30, 2013

Jelastic has released a Mobile Application for iPhone and iPad!

The Jelastic Mobile App for managing your Java and PHP applications deployed to the Jelastic Cloud delivers access to Jelastic PaaS from your iPhone 4, 4S, 5 or iPad 2, 3, 4G. This will significantly improve your work productivity if you are using Jelastic. The Jelastic Mobile Phone App is an ideal addition to the full Jelastic web management panel.

Using our mobile app, you can perform the following actions:

  • Viewing and monitoring environments in Jelastic
  • Viewing the current status and resource consumption for each environment
  • Changing the state of any Java/PHP environment: (i.e. stop a cloud environment that is currently not in use in order to decrease resource consumption, and re-activate the environment as needed)
  • Tracking a balance and viewing billing history

All of these actions can be achieved from any location, right from your mobile device.

The Jelastic Mobile App is available in The App Store here. It has an intuitive design, allowing you to easily find out how to use the app quickly, without any guidance. If you would like some additional information, please follow the tutorial below to learn about our mobile application functionality.

1. Download the Jelastic Mobile App from the App Store using your mobile device. Register or log in to get remote access to your existing account.

Jelastic Mobile Application

2. Click on the User Info button to check your account settings (email, group, status and account creation date) and balance information (balance and bonuses).




3. Click the Cloudlet icon to see your environments or billing information.

Jelastic Mobile App Cloud Environment

4. If you choose the Environments tab, you will be able to monitor and change the state of your environments:

  • Status (the green icon means that your environment is running, gray – that it’s stopped)
  • Usage (amount of cloudlets: the green icon indicates normal usage, the yellow icon indicates that resource usage is close to configured, scaling limit, red icon – indicates that resource consumption has reached the configured scaling limit).

Jelastic Mobile Application Monitoring

5. Select the Billing Info option to trace the billing history of your environments for a specified time period, which can be easily changed.

Jelastic Mobile App Billling Stats

The Jelastic Mobile App is an excellent addition to the Jelastic web admin panel. There are many advantages to be had thanks to remote access to your cloud environment. We understand your needs and are always working not only to meet your requirements, but to exceed them. If you have suggestions for extra functionality in our mobile application, please suggest them in the comments below.

Download the Jelastic Mobile App Now!

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