New Market Segment for Hosting in 2016: DevOps, PaaS, Docker

| December 22, 2015

Hosting business struggles with a high level of competition.That's because everybody offers IaaS/VPS becoming ordinary MSP similar to others. Customers want to get services with high level of automation, professional Docker hosting, workload mobility and management, but instead they get only bare VMs. You can offer better hardware, better support, but it's not enough for the differentiation.

Today we’d like to show what popular directions in technology got high interest this year and can become beneficial business solutions for hosting in the upcoming 2016.

DevOps, Cloud PaaS and Docker - no doubts you’ve heard about each of them. The question is if you understand their importance for the growth and your ability to compete.


Below you’ll find the presentations with statistics about DevOps, Docker containers and Cloud PaaS trends presented by leading analytics. You’ll see the current state at the market as well as the forecast for upcoming years. Please take a look and think if you are ready to get that big part of potential customers within your hosting.

Docker Containers for Hosting

Docker demand is growing and penetrates hosting industry. From the latest Datadog research:

  • Docker adoption increased 5x for last year
  • 70% of companies that try Docker, adopt it
  • The average company triples the number of containers they use within 5 monthsimage03

A wide range of companies is currently evaluating Dockers, searching for the solution appropriate for their business. Simplicity, portability, and scalability - these are the key points your customers are looking for. And Docker containers easily provide this, saving their time and money. You can leverage Docker containers in hosting and turn them into money making machine.

Find out more Docker stats in the presentation below and contact us to get to know how to grow your business by integrating Docker solution to your system.

Cloud PaaS within Own Data Centers

Due to IDC, PaaS adoption market is expected to grow to over $22 billion in 2019 with a CAGR of over 30%. You can expand into this market segment offering cloud PaaS layer on top of your infrastructure with no need to develop your own tools.image02

Except that, you can combine public, private and on-premise infrastructure to offer your customers highly sophisticated, customized cloud environments with an ideal mix of performance and flexibility. Multi-cloud PaaS lets improve disaster recovery and high availability across several data centers, as well as acquire additional IT capacity for spikes or variable loads without permanent investments.

Look through more details about Cloud PaaS forecast and go ahead establishing a regional presence in new markets even without upfront investment.

DevOps Pipeline Automation

Gartner says that by 2016, DevOps will evolve to a mainstream strategy employed by 25% of global 2k organizations. An increasingly complex IT infrastructure, that is part physical, part virtualized and part cloud, makes the processes more complicated. DevOps moves lots of management processes out of human hands and places them under automated control. This is one of the reasons why organizations are looking for sophisticated container orchestration and high level of DevOps automation while choosing cloud hosting for their workloads.image00

The targeted results are the increased availability and performance, accelerated cloud deployment and decreased time to market.  The researches revealed improvements from increased collaboration between departments and growth of income to improved quality and new customer acquisition. See more stats in the presentation.

Hope these data will help you to make the right decisions in the next year and differentiate yourself in the hosting business. Increase your revenue and customer base by reaching new markets with trendy solutions: PaaS, Docker, DevOps. An easy entry point, high demand on the market, wide targeted audience. Interested? Get in touch to get more details and try out how these solutions suit your business.