myMatrix on dogado, Powered by Jelastic: Interview with Wolf Nkole Helzle

| December 8, 2015

During JavaOne, Jelastic team organized a great dinner with father of Java James Gosling, our advisor and a good friend Bruno Souza, Java gurus Edson Yanaga and Otávio Gonçalves de Santana, JUG leaders Fabio Velloso, Paul Webber and Andrii Rodionov. One of the lucky attendee at this meeting was Jelastic customer Wolf Helzle, who hosts his application myMatrix on dogado. We were really excited to have a talk with Wolf Helzle and get more information about his art project myMatrix.image03

Wolf is the international social media artist working primarily with photography, video, installations and performances, he is the author of myMatrix. This project allows the community members to upload their images (photos/pics) to the server. After that a three-dimensional mosaic is calculated for all those thousands of images. During JavaOne Wolf held his project and the result was shown at the final keynote – a masterpiece created with thousands of attendees’ photos.

Below is a brief interview with Wolf Nkole Helzleimage02

Tetiana: Hi, Wolf! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your art project?

Wolf Nkole Helzle: I started the art first as a painter in the 70s. When I became a father,  I had to find something to earn money. So, I started working for the software company. For about 20 years I had different jobs in this industry. Now I do something based on the photography.

What I'm doing here, at JavaOne, together with you in Jelastic - is one of my newest projects myMatrix. This is a community where I engage people to give me their pictures for uploading them to the server and I do city mosaic of it. People can fly through this universe, as I can combine 10 000 or even more pictures into one mosaic!

Tetiana: What was the inspiration for you to create such kind of project? What was the reason that you decided to work specifically on this project?

Wolf: As I was born after the World War II, my family and I felt ashamed for Germany. There were two main principles of life society at that time -  human individuality (from the USA) and collective idea of existence (the Soviet Union). From that time I was interested in different approaches to human society.

I have always lots of  ideas  on the theme of “the one among the many”. In order to find out more about who we are, I travel a lot, as if you want to understand the nature of a person, first you need to know from where person comes. People in every country have their own history, thinking, etc.

And now I feel responsibility for that images, people share with me, as they are a part of my project.image04

(Picture from the Luxembourg Festival [22.-25.5.2015])

Tetiana: When did you create this project?

Wolf: The first idea was 2 years ago and we started to program it about 1.5 years ago. I met CEO of one German company and he asked me to do an artwork for their 30 years anniversary. We agreed that I do my artwork and they do the program for me. This happen to be very good cooperation. I develop this program with the students they have in the company (Technical University of Munich, Department of computer science). myMatrix is not the industrial project, but it is great and I really love it. It is not finished yet, some things are still needed to complete.

Technical Side Overview

Tetiana: Why did you decide to host on Jelastic/dogado?
Students: We were searching for a cloud hosting service that is hosted by an external company, easy and individual modifiable, particularly by our cooperation partner Wolf. As we are still students and can’t provide a 24/7 hour service we looked for a provider where you can increase computer capacities easily. In this case, the “Cloudlets’’ were also a conviction point because you don’t have to deal with computer specific configurations. After some research and free test weeks of several providers (e.g. Amazon EC2, several German companies…) the concept of Jelastic satisfied us the most.
Tetiana: How have you set up your environment?
Students: We host our Java application on two servers - PostgreSQL database and GlassFish application server. Usually, myMatrix is consuming about 8 cloudlets on its app server but we set 24 dynamic cloudlets just in case of load spikes.image01
Tetiana: What were the results when you switched to Jelastic?
Students: The results were comparable to other providers but the easy setup of the environment, the support and maintenance of the server has convinced us.

  • Full cost control
  • Easy to use
  • Appealing design
  • Fits our needs

Tetiana: Did you see a performance increase?
Students: Absolutely, the facts we mentioned before and particularly the easy handling of the tool created a high performance increase.

Tetiana: Wolf, how did you get here to JavaOne?

Wolf: I was invited to speak about this project at Nurnberg. So I came there and told about My Matrix. There was was one guy who organized JavaLand in Germany, he invited me to participate there. Steven Chen met me and invited to JavaOne.

Tetiana: What are your impressions about this event - do you like here, how is everything going?

Wolf: Well, it is extremely interesting, as I had never been in a room with so many different nationalities, and it is really fantastic. As well I spoke at the keynote - the first picture was from my project.image05

Tetiana: That`s great! And what plans do you have? Maybe, next projects which you are going to implement in the nearest future?

Wolf: I plan to visit Birmingham, UK in order to prepare a big project. They have an internet community there, and people from all over the world can upload their pictures to share with citizens of Birmingham. Also, soon I will have several big exhibitions in Germany where I will photograph 2.000 people. I have several things next year. Many people here see my artwork and I already have some offerings.

Tetiana: Thank you, Wolf, for this amazing interview and for choosing Jelastic!image00

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