Motivation for your Weekend: Act Like the Miracle You Are

| July 28, 2012

So, I was perusing through Nerdgraph (yeah... I do that sometimes: and if you haven't checked it out, go get your nerd on for bit) and I ran upon this pretty sweet infograph. Though I'm not the typical "pat yourself on the back because you are special" kind of guy, I've had what could be said is a rough week in my personal life, and it has affected my work. But after reading this at about 2am, I realized that it didn't matter what was getting me down, I had an opportunity in that moment to get up and go do something productive, something great. So, I thought I would share this with you. Maybe it will will give you an energy spike, or get your creative juices flowing, or maybe, it will at the least make you realize that you are special and that you are one-of-a-kind: and that is pretty awesome.

Now the weekend is in front of you: go crush it!

You are awesome.
What are the odds? Turns out your awesome.