Mobile Banking in the Cloud, Part II: Cyclos SMS Module with a Mobile Phone Gateway

By | September 26, 2012
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Recently, we showed you how to install the Cyclos SMS simulator on Jelastic Java Platform. Here’s a quick how-to on installing the Cyclos SMS module using gateway on your mobile phone. It’s really easy to use and very functional for sending your banking messages. All you need is to follow the steps below.

Install Cyclos and the SMS module

1. Create an environment in Jelastic and deploy Cyclos there. You can find a detailed tutorial on how to do this here, but when you create the environment, switch on Public IPv4 for Tomcat.

2. Go to the Cyclos web-site and download the Cyclos SMS module.

3. Extract the files from the package, you have just downloaded.

4. Create a WAR file from the gateway folder contents (just put the contents of the gateway folder into a zip archive file, and rename it to sms.war).

5. Configure the database and sms gateway as with sms simulator: all the steps are the same. You can find the detailed instruction here.

Install the gateway app

1. Install the SMS gateway app on your phone. In this case, we used the SMS gateway for Android.

Note: You need to have Public IP on your mobile phone or use a DDNS service for it.

2. On your mobile phone app go to Settings and select the following settings: “Listen for HTTP send SMS commands”, “Forward incoming SMS to HTTP” and “Prevent CPU sleep mode”.

3. Then go to Settings -> HTTP Settings and configure the following:

  • Listen for HTTP commands on port: port number;
  • Required password in URL: your password;
  • Forward incoming SMS to HTTP URL: here you can specify the URL of the Cyclos SMS driver that receives the incomming SMS messages, this is http://<Tomcat_Public_IP>/sms/restricted/http/gateway?

Configuring the gateway

Set the following parameters in the file (webapps/sms/WEB-INF/classes/

white.list.hosts = public ip of your phone and Tomcat's public ip (separated by comma and a space)
tx.url = url of the mobile phone gateway used to send sms messages via HTTP

Run the sms module

Navigate to http://<Tomcat_Public_Ip>/sms and startup the SMS gateway for Android and send an SMS message to the phone with the Android gateway. This should forward it to the SMS driver.

That’s all! Enjoy your mobile banking in the cloud!

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  • Gasu Daniel

    Hi Marina,
    I’m still getting errors with my sms gateway when I try sending messages. My sms error log tells me it’s caused by “404 not found”. Can you help diagnose this please. Thanks in advance

  • Gasu Daniel

    Also my webclients are still not being allowed even with public ip enabled

    • Gasu Daniel

      Hi Marina,

      • Hi, Gasu!

        I’m obligated to guide you to your hosting provider support services for incident resolution, because you are the paid user.

        Did you create the ticket there?

        Did they give you a response? If no, please send me the number of the ticket I’ll escalate this question.

  • Gasu Daniel

    Hi Marina,

    I checked and the ticket has been escalated, but this is the ticket id though (FEF-860124-715).
    They also don’t really understand how it should work from the last reply they gave me. They want me to provide them with steps to reproduce the error, but there are no steps, just the configurations. I’m sure you can be of help to them on this. thanks

  • Barry


    What is the format for sending sms via the mobile phone gateway to cyclos? I dont mean the cyclos format for performing a transaction using sms.


  • Barry

    Hi Marina,

    I am using my android phone (samsung galaxy s2) as the sms gateway for my sms module. The problem is that, when i run a test on the monitor, everything works well except that the connection to the gateway is refused. The exact feedback is:

    ” Couldn’t send message to gateway [ControllerMessage [Message [traceData=1, from=9999, provider=null, to=0262012345]]: TITANPS: A payment of Ghs0.06 was received from assmith. Your balance is Ghs1.73]: Connection to refused”.

    What could be the matter?


  • Barry


    Any assistance to the issue above?

    • Hello, Barry!
      I’m obligated to guide you to your hosting provider support services for incident resolution.

      Best regards.

  • kobla

    Hi Marina,

    Has anybody been able to deploy the sms module using a gateway service provider?
    I don’t think this is same as the simulator, because I’ve been able to deploy the simulator about 5 months ago but seem not to be able to deploy the sms module with an external gateway service provider.

  • kobla

    Marina, I know these instructions are available, my question is, how is that done on your platform.
    I have been trying to do this based on the instructions here for all this while.

    • I haven’t prepared the similar instruction yet, but I think you can help me to do this. Could you please send me your email address?

  • sam

    Hello marina,

    We have hosted a trial version of cyclos software on your server and ready to upgrade to paid version. But first we would like to find out where to download or setup USSD Module.
    Ussd module is included in the supported channel of mobile banking features on cyclos site, but we couldn’t find the module on cyclos website. Please let us know if it’s possible or not to use USSD channel at the moment.

    Our other question is that we have an SMS short code number assigned from our local Telco provider, but the connection protocol for the short code is SMPP. On cyclos website, it said on their wiki page that it is possible to connect to TELCO using SMPP protocol but there is no instructions. Can you guide us to connect cyclos sms functionality to our short code through SMPP protocol?

    Hope to hear from you soon


    • Tetiana Fydorenchyk


      As far as we know, you need to contact Cyclos support in order to get this USSD Module and all further instructions on the installation. This is mentioned on their site “If there is any interest in collaborating on this module please send a message at the contact page.”

      The same we can recommend due to your second question – please contact Cyclos directly in order to be assisted with connecting Cyclos functionality.If you still need any help with this issue then you can contact your hosting provider’s support.

      Thank you!