Meet the New Jelastic Version 1.8.5!

| October 24, 2012

We are excited to share our latest news with you: Jelastic 1.8.5 is here! There are several great new features for you, such as: application packaging, TCP load balancing, custom SSL certificates, Parallels Billing Automation Standard (PBAS) and a Smart Live Migration System.

Below are some quick summaries of each of those features:

Application packaging

Jelastic App Packaging makes offering, hosting or deploying an app as easy as it can possibly be. There is no need to read the instructions or submit support tickets to get an app up and running. For you, it’s as easy as one-click. You can now deploy an application directly from the application’s home page or from Jelastic’s Solutions page by clicking on the “Get it hosted now” button. No coding or know-how is required. Just imagine the whole range of apps that will be available for effortless hosting: CMS systems, wikis, portals and many, many more. Jelastic makes things really easy! Read more here.

TCP load balancing

Now Jelastic uses the NGINX load balancer for two types of load balancing: HTTP and TCP. You can use TCP for balancing requests to databases, mail servers and other distributable applications with network support. Also TCP can be used instead of HTTP if faster balancing is needed. In this case you just need to note that this speed is achieved through omitting the process of handling requests. TCP load balancing component receives a connection request from a client application through a network socket. This component decides which node in the environment receives the request. The existing connection can be lost only if a problem occurs, such as a temporary network failure or something like that. The next time a request is received, a new connection is created. This connection can go to any instance in the environment. More info.

Custom SSL certificates

Every e-commerce site needs to ensure that its transactions are secure. For that matter, any site that does any kind of online transactions need to make sure that they have a way to encrypt communications between their servers and their customers. SSL creates a private communication channel for the transmission of sensitive data. This is very important if you are operating an online store, where you need to process online orders and do transactions with credit cards. With custom SSL certificates, you now have access to a level of security that you did not before: allowing you to easily secure your domains and applications with the click of a button. You can find more information here.


Parallels Business Automation Standard is the most proven and the industry's preferred, billing and hosting automation solution for managing and scaling small and medium web hosting businesses.With PBAS,a highly efficient and cost-effective billing automation system for small to medium sized hosting providers, Jelastic automates most of the time-consuming management tasks for hosters and provides you with the ability to manage your billing directly from the Jelastic dashboard.

That's all new for today. Stay tuned for even more exciting stuff!

Smart Live Migration System

The new Smart Live Migration System periodically analyzes the state of all the hardware servers and ensures that nothing is overloaded or being used inefficiently; if it finds that a server is overloaded, it can do a live migration to a server with less load, all without downtime.