Meet New Jelastic 1.9!

| March 5, 2013

Today, we are proud to announce that Jelastic 1.9 is here! We were working very hard during 4 months to implement the new features you asked for. Thanks to thousands of our active users' votes, all these useful features are now available in Jelastic PaaS.

Below are some quick summaries of each feature.

  • Volume discounts with reserved and dynamic resources: Jelastic automatic vertical scaling provides your application with exact amount of RAM and CPU it needs, and reclaims those resources when the application no longer needs them. This allows us to offer a revolutionary pricing model in which you only pay for what you use. With the introduction of Jelastic 1.9, you can now choose the reserved and autoscaling limits for your apps and get the corresponding volume discounts in return. The higher the resource consumption is, the lower base price you get. This is ideal for large-scale applications and production use.
  • Easier access to application files with FTP/FTPS: The new version of our platform offers support for the FTP/FTPS protocol. This provides a fast, easy, and reliable way of file sharing and data transfer to and from your servers in Jelastic environments.
  • Higher performance through file caching: Jelastic 1.9 supports caching in NGINX (for both NGINX-balancer and NGINX PHP server). This improves performance by reducing the access time to the resource and increasing the resource building speed.
  • More enterprise-ready servers with built-in TomEE: We've added Apache TomEE, the enterprise edition of Apache Tomcat, to meet demand for a more enterprise-ready server. This provides you with the best technology stack that can be deployed to a simple Java EE container. TomEE is a full-blown app server, but retains the simplicity of Tomcat and avoids architectural overhead.
  • More databases with MariaDB 10.0: Jelastic 1.9 is the first PaaS offering MariaDB 10.0, the most advanced database in the SQL world. This database offers developers the advantages of multi-source replication, dynamic columns and MariaDB Galera Cluster. It is even faster and more fault tolerant, and has more flexible database replication, than previous MariaDB versions.

There are a lot of new great features not only for you but also for your hosting provider. Hosters get even more powerful business analytics and log management, software upgrades became easier and faster, we have improved database security and much more.

As you see we always consider our customers' opinion and try to satisfy all their needs. Thanks to our users we are getting better!

So, don't hesitate to tell us what you need from Jelastic and vote for other's ideas here.