Meet Jelastic Beta in Brazil!

| December 17, 2012

As you know, Jelastic allows developers to find the right hosting option for their region and keeps captivating developers all around the world. This time Jelastic Beta has been launched with Websolute in Brazil. Our platform is rapidly gaining success around the world, and Websolute is an excellent partner for developers and SMBs in South America.

Jelastic is gaining significant momentum as the PaaS of worldwide choice. Luis Schedel, director of WebSolute explains why, "One of the greatest advantages of this sophisticated PaaS solution is that it is so easy to use. It does not require developers to change their code in any way and handles administrative tasks automatically."

Bruno Souza, director of the Society for Technology Users Java (SouJava), also confirms the benefits reported by other users. "Jelastic provides a flexible environment and independent data centers. This is interesting for developers, who can count on the support and speed of a local environment, but have the possibility to expand to other international environments," he concludes.

Brazilian developers can try Jelastic 1.8.5 for free and to value full compatibility with all major Java software stacks, including Tomcat, GlassFish, and Jetty application servers, as well as with SQL (MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL), NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB) databases and memcached. Jelastic also integrates with popular build systems (Maven, Ant, Hudson and Jenkins) as well as Eclipse IDE and IntelliJ IDEA IDE.

Already, over 30,000 users around the globe are using Jelastic. Become a part of our big family today!