Jelastic Released Martian 5.9 Version with Extra Access Rules and Node Management

| August 26, 2020

Jelastic PaaS recently launched a new platform release called Martian 5.9 that is focused on restricting access to the environment nodes and enhancing container management possibilities. In addition, this platform version includes support of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS OS template, a set of API changes, updates of the software stacks and bug fixes.

martian 5.9 release

Restricted Node Access via Shared Load Balancer

Each environment node (container) at Jelastic PaaS can be accessed without any additional configurations via its unique hostname. The connection is ensured with the help of the Shared Load Balancer (SLB) - NGINX resolver for the whole platform. Although beneficial in most cases, such access may not be needed in scenarios with higher security requirements. For example, you may want to close public access to nodes intended for internal use only (e.g. databases) or restrict access via SLB to nodes with public IP and custom domain.

In order to fulfil such a need, an option to control Access via SLB was implemented. This setting is located in the topology wizard and can be configured for each layer separately.

access via shared load balancer

The option is enabled by default that ensures the same behavior as before the Jelastic 5.9 upgrade - nodes are accessible from the SLB via environment domain names using the default ports (80, 8080, 8686, 8443, 4848, 4949, 7979). If disabled, the nodes within the layer are inaccessible via SLB (including the Open in Browser button in the dashboard) and return the 403 Forbidden error instead of the intended service. Herewith, access via SSH and through endpoints is not affected.

Ability to Remove Specific Container

The platform provides a simplified nodes management, where you just need to specify the required number of containers in a layer. By default, the most recent node is deleted while scaling in. However, in some cases, you may want to remove a specific container instead. Such a possibility was implemented in the current Jelastic 5.9 release, allowing to manage nodes via:

  • Change Environment Topology > Horizontal Scaling section in the topology wizard
  • a dedicated Additionally > Scaling Nodes form accessible next to the container layer
scaling environment nodes

It is possible to add new nodes and remove any particular container (except the initial “master” one) using these forms. And from the Scaling Nodes window you can easily get to the settings of automatic horizontal scaling.

Visit Martian 5.9 Release Notes to explore the full list of the improvements and bug fixes launched within the cloud platform. Try out the enhancements by yourself  with one of the Jelastic PaaS service providers.