Mark Zbikowski Veteran Microsoft Architect Joins Jelastic

| June 5, 2013

Jelastic already has an impressive team of advisers including Serguei Beloussov, the founder of Parallels. We also have technical geniuses who endorse and use Jelastic including the father of Java James Gosling, David Blevins who founded the TomEE project, and Michael “Monty” Widenius, the author of the original version of the open-source MySQL database and MariaDB.

We are so lucky and honored to announce that Mark Zbikowski, one of key developers of Windows NTFS and Windows 2000/XP/Vista and the designer of the DOS executable file format, has joined us this week as a Senior Technical Advisor!


Pictured above is Mark Zbikowski & Alexey Shponarsky, (our director of R&D) this week at our office. Is that pizza I see? We really look after our advisers!

Did you know that Mark holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard in applied mathematics and master's degrees from the University of Washington and Yale? He was also the first employee at Microsoft to be honored for 25 years of service! (excluding Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer).

Wikipedia also tells us that he was an early computer hacker 🙂

The team at Jelastic are simply thrilled to welcome Mark and look forward to using him as a resource for further development and improvement of Jelastic. Our senior management team will of course utilize his expertise and experience.

When I spoke with Mark this week he had just arrived at our office and said "I'm excited to be working with the great development team at Jelastic. They have developed an extremely interesting and high quality product."

Who knows? Maybe with Mark's influence we will see support for more awesome features on the Jelastic platform. What new features would you like to see?