Managed aPaaS for New Revenue Channels in Hosting Business

| April 3, 2018

In order to attract new customers, we need to understand the challenges they are struggling with. There are lots of statistics on that, also you’re getting in touch with the current clients and know their pains, so there is already a great basis. This is just something service providers should not ignore but grab and use in their strategy.

First of all, many SMBs consider that one of their biggest problems is data loss. And most of them are not prepared for that, so after losing the data they just shut down.   avoid data loss problemAlso, among major problems here can be listed downtime cost. Imagine that you’re an e-commerce project and, for example, you’re selling some products during the Black Friday. And suddenly, something went wrong and your site is down. That’s it! Your revenue is out of play. This is not only about the revenue that is going away, but also the problem of damaged reputation, mentioned as risk #1 for many industries nowadays.

Of course, as we are living in a world of innovations, there already exist many solutions to overcome such issues. One of the possible painkillers might be using clustered solutions, that provide highly available backends for your projects.

In our case, for Jelastic site and blog we have a WordPress cluster with application servers that are scaled automatically, also databases with master-slave replications, as well as some other components for stability and performance. And we have two synchronized replicas of this cluster: one is hosted in the USA, the other one is in Europe.     wordpress cluster with application servers scaled automatically, databases with master-slave replicationsBut our dev guys are experts in this sphere, with a deep knowledge on setting up such stuff in a right way. And if we’re talking about e-commerce projects or other business-oriented companies, they have no idea how to deal with this complexity: how to manage or even build this.    managed apaas hosting business Anyway, it is a problem that must be solved, so all these companies start searching for the managed services. And nowadays, some cloud giants (like AWS) understand that this is a huge market for making money, so they already offer some services as managed databases or WordPress cluster.     managed databases or wordpress clusterAnd in this case, all these projects are automatically going to AWS, not to you. Why should you lose these customers, and keep the infrastructure underutilized?

It is understandable that adding new product line with managed services can require a huge work and, in most cases, this stops service providers even from trying:

  • Ops experts to build this clusters.
  • Time for creating replicas of these clusters for each customer
  • Expertise and time for customization, because every client is unique
  • Extra support team members for maintenance
  • Marketing and sales tools for promotion

What if most of the above-mentioned points can be covered by someone else for you?

By default, you can get already pre-packaged clustered templates and their provisioning will be fully automated. Extra support team won’t be that needed because automatic installation, scaling, replication and updates simplify the management and support of customers requiring minimal to no involvement. Considering marketing and sales, you can get started with a pack of proven steps and a business kit full of ready-to-go samples (landings, social media sources, video, articles etc).     automated instalation and configuration Of course, you will need the expertise and time for customization as every customer’s case is unique. But most of the steps are already done by Jelastic for you to start with ready-to-go product line.     managed apaas ready-to-go product lineThere are lots already pre-packaged clusters within Jelastic Marketplace and they are also open on the GitHub, so you can just fork them, customize and offer your clients:

  • WordPress, Magento
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Couchbase
  • TomEE, GlassFish, WildFly, Spring Boot
  • CI/CD Pipeline Automation
  • Traffic Distribution Add-On

Available WordPress cluster can be automatically installed with NGINX load balancers, auto-scaled NGINX PHP FPM servers, replicated MySQL databases, dedicated Storage node, deployed the latest version of WordPress and geo-distributed clustering across multiple data centers.   available wordpress cluster automatically installed with nginx  The growing client base of Magento is also pretty attractive for service providers worldwide. And if there is at least some expertise in this direction, you can target this specific niche and build a business on it having a production-ready solution. Highly reliable and auto-scalable Magento cluster powered by Jelastic goes with pre-configured embedded load balancing, a pair of replicated database servers, separate cache & session storages, and dedicated admin node for the whole cluster management. It can be installed in minutes and meet requirements even of the most demanding customers.    highly reliable auto-scalable magento clusterIn addition, projects always need a truly reliable and highly-available data storing system to ensure service quality. And configuring database clustering from the scratch can be a complicated task. This is an opportunity to offer managed DBaaS (SQL, NoSQL, In-Memory, for Big Data, etc.) to the customers without complex manual configurations using pre-packaged databases with replication and automatic scaling.

Just recently we launched a new MySQL package that includes a set of different clustered solutions:

  • Master-Slave with automatic addition of extra slaves
  • Master-Master
  • Single MySQL Group Replication with extra master DBs with read rights
  • Multi MySQL Group Replication with extra master DBs with write rights               managed DBaaS, pre-packaged databases with replication and automatic scaling

Using all these clusters, a service provider can create own marketplace with locally demanded solutions that can be installed just in one click via easily placed widget or intuitive UI. You can build your own templates or fork and edit the existing ones to customize due to the needs of your customers.    marketplace clustered solutionsInterested to open a new revenue channel with Jelastic clustering solution? Get in touch for more details on each package and hints on how to initiate the growth in the market of managed services.

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