Liferay Digital Experience Platform Automatic Deployment to the Cloud

| March 5, 2020

Liferay is a Digital Experience Platform that helps to build strong relationships and handle complex scenarios via customer and partner portals, unify new and existing systems into one powerful platform, create personalized web experiences to attract and retain customers, as well as equip the team with modern tools to accelerate time-to-market. 

In this article, you’ll find out how to deploy and run Liferay portal using pre-configured package from Jelastic PaaS. The installation is fully automated, as well as performed inside isolated containers with Tomcat application server and master-master MySQL databases.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform topology

Master-master MySQL database replication topology provides additional benefits, such as quick response to the requests and high availability with DNS round-robin load balancing for even workload distribution among all of the database nodes.

Let’s examine how to get Liferay platform up and running in the scalable cloud.

Liferay DXP Automatic Installation

1. To get started, log in to the Jelastic dashboard, find the Liferay package in the Marketplace and click Install.
Liferay Digital Experience Platform marketplace

Or you can import the JPS manifest from GitHub.

2. If required, change the Environment Name, Display Name, Region and click Install.

install Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Now you have ready-to-use Liferay application with the following topology:

Liferay Digital Experience Platform cloud hosting

Liferay Portal Setup

1. Once the installation is completed, you can open the Liferay admin panel by pressing Open in Browser button. 

Note: the first Liferay portal opening can take a few minutes, please be patient.

deploy Liferay Digital Experience Platform

2. If required, change the Portal Name, Default Language and ADMINISTRATOR USER details. You can also do it later in the Account Settings section.

Click on Finish Configuration.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform configuration
3. You’ll be asked to restart the Portal that actually means you have to restart the application server.

restart Liferay Digital Experience Platform

So go back to the Jelastic dashboard and press the Restart Nodes button.

restart servers for Liferay Digital Experience Platform
4. Finally, just refresh the Liferay portal web page and you’ll see a Welcome page.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform welcome page

5. Follow the Sing In link and update an ADMINISTRATOR USER account to start using your Liferay platform.
6. During the first login, specify the email address provided for ADMINISTRATOR USER and the default password “test” that should be changed after initial access.

access Liferay Digital Experience Platform

That’s all! Now you have your own Liferay Digital Experience Platform with database failover capabilities, automatic scaling and excellent performance. Register and try it out with Jelastic PaaS at one of the globally available service providers.