Leading Managed Service Provider HostDime.com Partners with Jelastic

| August 5, 2014

Today we announced our partnership with HostDime.com!
HostDime is a leading managed service provider, delivering enterprise hosting services worldwide from datacenters in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, UK, and India with over 6,000 servers hosting over 6 million domains.

Below is an excerpt of the press release

"Since we started HostDime Brazil in 2006, our exceptional infrastructure and outstanding customer services have led to rapid growth,” said Filipe Mendes, CEO, HostDime.com.br. “This new scalable, elastic cloud solution, powered by Jelastic, delivers new levels of functionality to our customers providing a simple, highly efficient and cost-effective enterprise Platform-as-a-Service offering."
Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure software provides hosting service providers with a rapid path to new and recurring revenue by offering a turnkey cloud solution that delivers PaaS and IaaS in one. Service providers install Jelastic on bare metal servers and can quickly add new customers looking to deploy and manage applications in the cloud.
Jelastic enables enterprise architects and developers to deploy new or legacy applications to the cloud without any code changes, providing them with a scalable, highly available and secure environment in seconds. Developers can rapidly set up application and database environments and ensure application resource availability with Jelastic’s automatic vertical and horizontal scaling features. Truly elastic scaling and an innovative pricing model means that enterprises pay only for resources used, increasing efficiency and driving down costs.
“We are excited to partner with HostDime.com, a leading and respected service provider in many markets across the world”, said John Derrick, Jelastic CEO. “Jelastic is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for enterprises and hosting service providers looking to deploy cloud services quickly and reap the benefits of the cloud - cost, efficiency and simplicity – today. This new partnership will deliver Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure together with HostDime’s exceptional infrastructure and services to a new set of customers across the world.”
The full release can be viewed here.