Join Our Community!

| October 18, 2012

We have great news for all of our users: the Jelastic Community is available now! This is a meeting point where you can discuss interesting topics, help each other with issues or develop new solutions to old problems or even suggest improvements and new features to Jelastic PaaS.

This is only the first step. We want to create a sense of community for developers around the globe using Jelastic - a place where they can learn something from each other, share their knowledge and have meaningful dialog that can help all of us. There are a few moderators in our forum. They monitor contents, follow and ensure relevance of topics and, most importantly, they are very experienced Jelastic users, and can help you with any question regarding our platform.

There are three main sections at the forum:

  • Frequently asked questions - listed questions and answers
  • Problems Resolution - where you can ask other users for help or advice.
  • Suggestions - where you can suggest improvements for Jelastic or tell the whole community something

You can become a part of our community right now! All you need is just to register. Here are some ways to go about doing it:

1. We support Single Sign On now, so you can simply click on Help -> Go to community on the Jelastic dashboard and you will be registered with your Jelastic credentials.

2. You can go to and sign in using your Jelastic credentials.

3. Or, you can go to, click on Create Account and fill in the registration form.

Join Jelastic community now and feel free to ask any question you have, suggest new features and share your knowledge with the over 25000 other Jelastic users around the world! We are waiting for you at our forums! Let's grow the Jelastic Platform and community together!