Jelastic with CloudKilat Broaden PaaS and CaaS Horizons for Indonesian Developers

| November 23, 2016

kilatironToday we announced the commercial launch of our new partner from Indonesia CloudKilat, who have launched Kilat Iron, an affordable PaaS solution powered by Jelastic, that enables developers to easily configure their preferred systems setup ranging from architecture, programming language, web server, to database.

“The popularity of cloud hosting and especially DevOps in Asia is continuously growing and we are pleased that CloudKilat broadens PaaS and CaaS horizons for Indonesian developers with proven and widely adopted Jelastic cloud platform. Our joint mission is to ease application development processes and accelerate time to market for local IT companies.”, said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

Kilat Iron can run developer’s code on industry-leading software stacks such as Apache Tomcat, NGINX, GlassFish, TomEE, WildFly and Payara. Customers can easily install and configure applications via Kilat Iron UI, manage their source code using SVN/GIT, monitor resource consumption, and setup load alerts.

The joint partnership provides the following options:

  • Flexible Billing Schemes

Kilat Iron comes with 2 billing schemes: customers can choose to pay for the limits or pay for the actual resource usage. In contrast to the majority of other cloud hosting vendors, Kilat Iron powered by Jelastic provides a truly user-oriented pay-per-use charging approach.

  • Automatic Scalability

With Kilat Iron customers can automatically scale their projects both horizontally and vertically, based on the applications load, that helps to achieve high availability and density.

  • Docker Containers Support

From now on developers and cluster administrators in Indonesia can manage Docker from public or private hub right via UI and host all types of applications or services using Kilat Iron powered by Jelastic.

  • Marketplace with One-Click Applications

Kilat Iron provides rich marketplace and enables customers to install 250+ popular applications such as content management systems, wikis, e-commerce applications, project management tools in just a few clicks.

“Since we believe with Indonesian developers potencies, we want to give our best effort to support them by providing a reliable environment for them. We’ve been working tightly with Jelastic to create an affordable yet reliable services for local developers. This is our first product that will be charged hourly and billed based on active utilization. By using this billing scenario, we hope developers can mainly focus on developing their application and don’t have to worry with monthly bill when it’s not being used,” said Rangga Praduwiratna, COO, CloudKilat.

Try now Kilat Iron for free and accelerate significantly the delivery of your applications.