Jelastic Wildcard SSL Certificate

| January 10, 2013

If you have multiple sub-domains to secure then a Wildcard SSL can save your money and time as it doesn't presuppose buying individual certificates. Wildcard is a type of SSL that allows securing multiple hostnames of a single domain name on a single server. Buying one wildcard SSL certificate is definitely cheaper than buying multiple traditional certificates. One more advantage of this type of certificate is the fact that you have to install and later on maintain only a single SSL certificate. Just imagine that you have to deploy 20 different individual SSL certificates. It's not so easy and rather time-wasting. And don't forget that you have to do it all over again, when it comes time to update them. A wildcard certificate quickly solves a large amount of tasks. These certificates are appropriate for large organizations or e-commerce web sites.

Jelastic wildcard SSL is a great solution for those who are searching how to secure their website URL.

Jelastic SSL certificate offers:

  • Convenient Management. Imagine the difficulty in deploying a new SSL certificate. This task is simplified by Jelastic.
  • Fast validation. Domain level verification means that your site will be checked out and your security seal issued in as little time period as possible.
  • Industry standard data encryption. You get convenience and low price and at the same time you don't have to sacrifice security. The strength given by Jelastic SSL certificate makes your visitors feel comfortable with the security you provide.

To get Jelastic SSL certificate do the following steps:

1. Go to and sign up if you haven't done it yet or log in with your Jelastic credentials by clicking the Sign In link on the page.
2. While in Jelastic dashboard, click the Create environment button:

3. In the Environment Topology dialog, pick your application server (for example,Tomcat 7). Click on SSL button and switch on Jelastic SSL. Type the name of your environment and click Create.


That's all you need to do!

Next time you click Open in browser button for the web server of your environment, you will see that indeed now communications with the environment happen over HTTPS.



  • Jelastic SSL is only available for sites at *.{hoster_domain} and not your custom URLs
  • Jelastic SSL will be disabled if you switch on IPv4 for any node in your environment


Jelastic Wildcard SSL certificates save your time and money by securing every sub-domain across your entire domain. Make your visitors feel comfortable with the security you provide.

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