Jelastic Teams with OpenShift to Drive Standardization of PaaS Cartridges

| November 20, 2013

One week after Jelastic announced its enterprise debut with its new Platform-as-Infrastructure solution, Jelastic and Red Hat are announcing a new partnership to drive the global standardization of pluggable PaaS cartridges.  As part of the collaboration, Jelastic will add support for OpenShift’s cartridge model with its Platform-as-Infrastructure offering—making it easier for independent software vendors (ISVs) to offer core services in multiple platforms and for a wider array of cloud ecosystems and marketplaces.
Below is an excerpt from our press release:
“Cartridge standardization is an essential element for next-generation cloud infrastructures and enables ISVs to focus on providing real value to customers—instead of spending resources coding for multiple platforms—resulting in a broader choice of tools and applications,” said John Derrick, Jelastic CEO.  “With Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure solution, we are committed to unleashing the full potential of the private, public and hybrid cloud—without limits . Our collaboration with Red Hat’s OpenShift demonstrates a firm commitment to dramatically simplifying the deployment and management of cloud-based applications and driving increased value for our customers worldwide.”
ISVs want to offer customers the broadest possible access to their technologies and services, but the costs of achieving this in a variety of public and private cloud environments can present a significant barrier to entry.  This cartridge specification, used by both OpenShift by Red Hat and Jelastic’s  Platform-as-Infrastructure, will enable ISVs to rapidly and seamlessly offer their services to a broader array of enterprise customers and leading-edge cloud users.
“Today’s ISVs want to bring their technologies, services and middleware to the cloud as quickly and easily as possible, without spending valuable time and resources re-creating the wheel each time they move to new environments,” said Ashesh Badani, general manager, Cloud and OpenShift, Red Hat .  “OpenShift’s collaboration with Jelastic demonstrates Red Hat’s leadership in PaaS, and serves as a major milestone in cartridge standardization—bringing choice and critical open standards to our partners as they move to an open hybrid cloud.”
The full release can be read here.