Jelastic Targets Hosting Providers with New Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Offering for DevOps Processes

| July 29, 2015

Today we launched a new Premium Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) product designed for medium and large-sized hosting service providers, telcos, systems integrators and Internet service providers.
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Below is an excerpt from the press release

Jelastic’s Premium VPC offering allows clients to customize their end users’ solutions based on regional and hardware requirements, combining both virtual and bare metal servers in multiple geographies in order to meet their users’ workload needs. This means that critical workloads can be hosted on security-enhanced bare metal clouds, while non-critical workloads can be hosted on less expensive virtualized clouds. These servers can span data centers and cloud providers, providing ultimate choice and flexibility. The hosting partner is in control of the customization, and can fine-tune a solution that best meets the demands of its enterprise customers.
“This is a great opportunity for hosting providers to bring on board DevOps oriented enterprise customers via Jelastic Premium VPC,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO. “We’re seeing unprecedented interest in containers and DevOps from enterprise customers. It has created a new wave of revenue that powers up the hosting industry.”
Hosting service providers can create extra VPCs for their clients using additional regions from external clouds, including IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS, in case of a temporary burst, with no need to invest in hardware for variable loads. This also helps to gain disaster recovery and high availability across multiple data centers.
Jelastic Virtual Private and Hybrid Clouds are now available for automatic and seamless installation through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace providing a fast and easy method to get into the cloud. Currently, hosting service providers can easily add an extra VPC for specific enterprise customers or just in case of a load burst.
"The capability to install Jelastic VPC on top of Azure really opens up valuable opportunities for cloud providers, particularly those targeting enterprise customers,” said Kundana Palagiri, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure. “We are excited that Jelastic is available on Azure and that our customers now have additional insurance of accommodating temporary bursts, high availability and disaster recovery options.”
Using Jelastic VPCs in a cluster, enterprise customers can distribute their workloads and achieve continuous integration with seamless migration throughout the DevOps pipeline from development to production:

  • Development Environments

Approach development comprehensively with a VPC to give dev and test teams access to the cloud infrastructure. Jelastic infrastructure simplifies creation of complex development environments for applications that can be deployed immediately, for no additional expenditure.

  • Testing Environments

In a multitiered environment, VPC provides developers with the ability to test and troubleshoot their code. An infrastructure can be split into different regions and advanced applications can be tested across many variables.

  • Production Workloads

Deploy critical enterprise level applications security-enhanced and assuredly inside a fully isolated VPC infrastructure. Business applications are delivered via robust scalable cloud environments, without compromising security.
Today, Jelastic is available as a public cloud solution via 36 cloud hosting service providers and over a dozen private cloud customers.
Special Limited Time Offer
For potential partners, Jelastic is providing an opportunity to get a 100 percent discount (value $20k) on Jelastic installation and billing integration fees, as well as marketing and sales training, to commercially offer Jelastic to enterprises as a Premium Virtual Private Cloud.
Jelastic will choose three winning cloud hosting providers and systems integrators from all of the entries. To be among the winners, simply visit and complete the form by the end of August. During the month of September, Jelastic will assess the applications.
Read the complete release here.