Jelastic Surpasses 40 Data Centers and Strengthens Asian Presence with Pure SSD Layershift Singapore Region

| October 27, 2016

jelastic-and-layershift-in-singaporeWe are excited to announce that today the Jelastic Cloud Union has surpassed 40 data centers with the addition of Platinum partner Layershift's new Singapore region; Jelastic 41st, and Layershift's 3rd.

By expanding to Singapore, we strengthen Jelastic presence in Asia, and now our cloud platform is available in 4 different locations: Japan, Kazakhstan, India and Singapore.

"This expansion sees Layershift become the first hosting provider offering the Jelastic PaaS across 3 continents (Europe, USA and Asia). This gives access to all 3 from a single pane of glass; a huge advantage for customers deploying applications across multiple locations," said Damien Ransome, Layershift's Service Director. "We are raising the bar of Jelastic Cloud in Asia; we are the only ones offering pure SSD in the continent, and I'm delighted to be able to bring our strong service and performance levels to South East Asia."

“The combination of superior support, high performance and active promotion of the product made Layershift one of the fastest growing Jelastic hosting partners. We received a lot of positive feedback from European and US based customers about Layershift, and glad to announce the expansion of their services to Asia, especially to such actively developing country as Singapore” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO and co-founder.

Jelastic PaaS is a scalable platform for hosting Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js and Docker-based applications in the cloud. Automatic scaling features enable any application to scale resources up and down automatically based on demand, eliminating outages caused by resource shortages. Compared to traditional cloud hosting models where you pay based on server size, Jelastic hourly pricing is based on the actual resource consumption and doesn’t require paying for the reserved resource limits beforehand. This unique pricing model combined with automatic scaling provides a cost-effective solution for developers and SMBs to save money, as well as to speed up time to market. 

Try now Jelastic Cloud Platform for free at Layershift data centers in Singapore, the UK, and the USA.