Jelastic Receives $1 Million Grant to Develop Private Cloud

| July 6, 2012

The grant from the Skolkovo Foundation will be used for the development of the Jelastic Private Cloud

It has been a great week here at Jelastic. Yesterday we announced that we have received a grant from the Skolkovo Foundation for the development of the Jelastic Private Cloud. The cloud will provide a stable and flexible platform for companies and government agencies to use in–house. The project will be supported by our current work and advancements with the Jelastic public Cloud. We are really excited about this because it allows us to work towards meeting the demand the we have for private, in-house Clouds. The funding comes from Skolkovo Foundation, the investment arm of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, the Russian non-profit technology organisation--it's also known as the Russian Silicon Valley. It's pretty cool that we have offices in the US Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, CA) and now we have offices in Russia's Silicon Valley (The Skolkovo Innovation Park in the Moscow suburb of Skolkovo).

The Jelastic Private Cloud

Jelastic Private Cloud has the same flexible infrastructure as Jelastic’s public Cloud, but is targeted for the B2B market. The potential users for private Clouds are companies with their own datacenters and infrastructure that have need of a in–house PaaS. The platform is designed to simplify and reduce the operational costs of Enterprise-level applications written in Java, PHP and .NET. With the this private cloud, companies will be able to easily manage their IT resources in real-time: being able to monitor and control application loads, high-performance computing resources, secure infrastructure applications, integration with public Clouds and services, as well as having a powerful and flexible IT management platform.

The Jelastic Public Cloud

Currently, we already have public Clouds available in Europe, North America, Russia, the UK and Japan with our partners, dogado and HostEurope, ServInt, Rusonyx, Layershift and Tsukaeru, respectively. Anyone can go and try out the public PaaS for free at


We are really excited about this because it will help us continue to innovate and work towards our goal of being available to everyone, everywhere. Already we are the only PaaS that is available globally, in 4 different languages and from 5 different countries on 3 different continents. We may already be ahead of the competition there, but is not where we plan to stop. Not by any means.