Jelastic Private PaaS on Google Cloud Platform: Test Drive in Just a Few Clicks

| April 5, 2017

Now Jelastic PaaS can be easily installed on top of Google Cloud Platform to try out the main product features and administrating options within a dedicated testing server before getting a full paid version. This solution is already available within Orbitera Test Drives for installation in just a few clicks.

“This Test Drive is a great opportunity for companies with IT departments to try Jelastic software within a private cloud before buying it - no charge or credit card required, the installation takes a few minutes with minimal technical skills needed and full access to the management tools,” Ruslan Synytsky, CEO and co-founder of Jelastic.

As a result, a user gets a production-ready private Jelastic PaaS inside Google Cloud Platform VM with 15 GB RAM and 8 vCPU at no charge. This installation is available for testing during three days with full access to the developers dashboard and admin panel of the whole cluster, providing a wide range of features:

  • Certified Containers Pack

Support of Java, Ruby, Node.JS, PHP, Python and more than 50 certified containers

  • Docker Containers Management

Docker containers support with integration to Public and Private Docker Registry

  • Fast and Easy Deployment Process

Zero code changes deployment in a few minutes using GIT, SVN, archive or plugins like Maven, Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans

  • Self-Service Portals with Built-in Monitoring

Dev portal for cloud apps deployment and management, Ops panel for cluster administration with built-in monitoring, API, CLI and SSH access to containers

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Support of Git/SVN and automated continuous integration, delivery and upgrade processes

  • Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

Applications are scaled automatically changing the number of servers, as well as the amount of RAM and CPU inside each container based on the load

So, follow the next steps to get a personal Jelastic Private Cloud for testing.

Create Google Orbitera Account

To get an access to the Jelastic Private Cloud installation image and capacities to run it in, you need to sign up for an Orbitera account first.

In case you are already registered, skip this section and proceed to Platform Installation.

1. Navigate to the dedicated Jelastic Test Drive page at Orbitera Marketplace.

private cloud pre purchase testing

Click the CREATE button to register a new account.

2. Fill in some Company and Contact Information for your account.

cloud ready private platform

Click CREATE to proceed.

3. Next, you should verify your account. Check your email inbox for the corresponding message from Orbitera and click on provided link:

explore fully featured private cloud

You’ll be automatically redirected back to the Orbitera site and informed about successful account verification.

Install Jelastic Private Platform

Now let’s see how to get the Jelastic Private Cloud up and running within Google Cloud Platform hardware.

1. SIGN IN to your Jelastic Test Drive account at Orbitera.

test drive for private cloud platform evaluation

2. Once logged in, select the Jelastic Private Cloud test drive by clicking on the VIEW DETAILS on the corresponding panel.

private cloud for isv

3. Within the opened page, you can read through the general description on Jelastic Private Cloud Platform and some of its key features.

Сlick the LAUNCH TEST DRIVE button to start automatic installation.

personal cloud platform test drive

The process will take a while, so be patient and wait for about 20 minutes.

4. After the Jelastic Private Cloud is deployed, your test drive period will be started.

cloud trial using orbitera

For the active trial, you can check the amount of time remaining and get your administration credentials at the dedicated Orbitera test drive page.

Check After-Installation Emails

As soon as Platform installation is finished, you’ll receive separate emails from both Google Orbitera and Jelastic with details on your test drive and Platform created.

1. The first email notification will contain the information from Orbitera, announcing the successful installation and start of your three days trial.

There you can find the access information, required to manage your platform:

  • AdminPanel - Jelastic Cluster Admin (JCA) to configure your Cloud
  • AppPanel - user dashboard to host your applications
  • AdminUserName and AdminUserPassword - your admin account credentials (the same set is used for both above-mentioned panels)

2. Also, you‘ll receive a similar message from Jelastic, which provides a number of links to the detailed guides with further steps on Platform usage and management.

test fully featured private cloud

If you need some specific instructions, look through the Ops or Dev documentation.

3. Additionally, as a Cloud Platform admin, you’ll get an email about hardware node addition (physical server, which stores isolated virtual containers, provisioned for users’ environments).

Now, you have all the data required to access your Cloud and start managing.

Start Exploring Jelastic Cloud

Test drive allows to explore both administrator and end-user experience while operating with Jelastic Private Cloud.

1. As an admin user, you get access to Jelastic Cluster Admin panel, intended to customize your Platform (use credentials from email to log in).

Jelastic cluster admin panel

Here, you can tune your Private Cloud in a desired way. As a basis of exploration, try to:

2. To get the end-user experience, refer to Jelastic dashboard where all environments and applications are managed. You can login in with the same set of credentials or, if needed, register a new non-admin account.

Private Cloud Jelastic

From within, you can give a try to the main Jelastic functionality in confines of hosting itself:

Your Private Cloud will remain available for testing till the trial period expiration. In order to get your own fully-functional Jelastic cluster, get assistance or just share your feedback, please contact us at to submit a request and get the details.

Ready to test drive Jelastic? Go ahead!