Jelastic Partners with Tech Equity to Deliver an Advanced DevOps Platform for Cloud Applications

| February 16, 2016

Jelastic and Tech EquityToday we`d like to announce a strategic partnership with Tech Equity, which is aimed to present the ultimate, cost-effective cloud hosting platform for applications.

Jelastic enables DevOps teams to develop and run their applications and gain full benefits from resource autoscaling, providing cost optimization at the same time. Users can focus on their core tasks, not caring about maintenance and management issues. Jelastic platform supports a wide choice of software stacks by default, Docker containers, plugins for NetBeans IDEs, Eclipse and other technologies, providing a turnkey cloud with a complex solution. Jelastic`s highly advanced user-friendly platform simplifies greatly applications` development and provides truly flexible pricing due to its pay-as-you-go feature.

More and more companies worldwide are showing a high interest in containers and DevOps integration to their businesses. To meet these demands, we keep expanding Jelastic Cloud Union and now partner with Tech Equity,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

Tech Equity currently offers two cloud domains. The entry level Tech Equity DevOps cloud provides an opportunity to develop, test and integrate the applications with out-of-the-box transaction processing capabilities. Dr Linus Etube, Tech Equity’s Director of Financial Technology and former Chief Investment Officer in the City of London led the design of the Swifin transaction exchange that enables any ISV and any developer to integrate their applications with Swifin, providing the opportunity for instant access to new customers and revenue opportunities for ISVs and developers.

“Through our partnership with Jelastic, we are able to deliver an advanced enterprise cloud platform with integrated transaction processing capabilities that enabled rapid adoption of cloud services by a wide range of users, including those without access to bank accounts and credit cards,” commented Dr Shiyghan Emmanuel Navti, Tech Equity’s founder, a technology industry veteran who previously led the IBM Europe private cloud platform technical sales team, as well as the developing key elements of the IBM’s African expansion strategy.

Dr. Linus Etube who is also the Founder of Sedel Capital LLP, which has recently obtained regulatory approval from the UK Financial conduct authority for eMoney issuance and the provision of related payment services commented that the flexibility offered by the Jelastic cloud platform makes it possible to use cloud technology and the Swifin transaction service exchange to ensure secure delivery of Financial Services to millions of people including the unbanked in a way that makes it possible for any person or any business to access and pay for cloud technology services from anywhere using any mobile phone or network. This will open up opportunities for greater participative engagement by all in the real economy and for increased use of technology to refine and optimise key business processes for many businesses to support greater wealth creation.   

Commenting on the launch of the Tech Equity cloud, CEO of the Natural Enterprises Finance and Marketing Agency Ltd, Callistus Mubangizi stated that the flexibility and efficiency of the Swifin cloud platform create unprecedented opportunities to deliver a range of services to its network of over 900 loans and savings communities across Uganda.

Tech Equity selected Jelastic as a partner due to its ability to address key requirements from ISVs, DevOps teams, enterprises and financial services organizations migrating to the cloud. Jelastic provides a production-ready solution with a package of benefits like advanced Docker containers support, smart distribution, automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, high availability, security and full isolation. The partnership with Jelastic enables Tech Equity to support the most popular programming languages - PHP, Java, Python, Ruby and Node.js.

About Tech Equity

Tech Equity is a managed cloud platform services provider focused on enabling application developers and service providers to access new revenue opportunities by serving clients who previously were unable to pay for their services. The Tech Equity cloud has been designed in partnership with Jelastic, and with the support of Microsoft and IBM. Tech Equity enables ISVs and cloud application developers to grow their customers base and generate more revenue through the use of an efficient application hosting platform, integrated with transaction processing services. Tech Equity is based at Europe's largest FinTech accelerator in London, UK. For more information about Tech Equity, visit For information on the Swifin financial services, visit

About Jelastic

Jelastic delivers an advanced enterprise Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud platforms in partnership with ISVs, hosting service providers, systems integrators, outsourcing companies. The Jelastic cloud platform provides certified containers for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .NET and the ability to use custom Docker containers. Jelastic offers an agile deployment model with no proprietary APIs, flexible automatic scaling for stateless and stateful applications, collaboration, access control, monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, built-in billing and business analytics tools. Jelastic enables its partners to drive down TCO with high density, hardware utilization. Its multi-cloud functionality enables customers to achieve high-availability through geo-distribution across different data centers or clouds. For more information visit us at

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