Jelastic Partners with Levira to Provide Next Generation DevOps Cloud to Estonia

| November 22, 2016

Today we are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Levira, the leading broadcast transmission provider in Estonia.

“By joining Jelastic Cloud Union, Levira takes a mission of expanding the cutting edge cloud hosting platform across Baltic countries. Our alliance provides development teams and companies in Estonia with access to fully managed PaaS that simplifies and helps to scale internal R&D processes to public or hybrid cloud in a local datacenter”, declared Ruslan Synytsky, Chief Executive Officer at Jelastic.

Jelastic PaaS automatic scaling features enable any application to scale resources up and down, in and out automatically based on demand, eliminating outages caused by resource shortages. Compared to traditional „pay based on server size“ cloud hosting, Levira AS hourly pricing is based on the actual resource consumption and doesn’t require paying for the reserved resource limits beforehand. This unique pricing model combined with automatic scaling provides a cost-effective solution for developers and SMBs to save money, as well as to speed up time to market.

Chief characteristics of Levira Cloud at Jelastic:

  • First Cloud PaaS in EstoniaJelastic and Levira
  • Secure and highly available data center
  • Technical support in Estonian/Russian/English
  • Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Scaling
  • 250+ applications for one-click installation
  • Intuitive UI
  • Entire Software Stack
  • Various payment methods

“Being hosting and infrastructure service provider in Estonia our goal is to provide the best services to our customers. Not only being the best in operating datacenters but as well building hybrid and private cloud solutions for our clients. Our focus has always been on developing new and exciting technological solutions.

In order to provide our customers even bigger value we have brought Jelastic team to join us. Jelastic platform as a service is highly respected and well-proven system in the world. With Jelastic we can provide all our customers a better tomorrow with well-known container based solutions,” claimed Margus Uustalu, Director Cloud Services at Levira AS.

Due to this alliance, customers receive an all-inclusive solution that supports Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, .NET and Docker containers to set up their applications in seconds and save up to 70%, paying only for resources in use.

The partnership makes Levira the technology leaders by bringing the world's best solutions to their customers, making IT simple and accessible to all. Levira Cloud offers 14 days trial period, so that everybody can experience its highly available and secure platform.