Jelastic Partner Ecosystem is Expanded with MIRhosting High Expertise

| September 30, 2015

og:imageWe are happy to announce that from today Jelastic has a new strategic partner, Innovation IT Solutions Corporation, that launches under MIRhosting brand. Innovation IT Solutions Corporation is a group of companies, headquartered in the Netherlands.

Currently, MIRhosting starts to provide highly available Jelastic PaaS in Eastern Europe with plans to extend these services to all four available data centers in the Netherlands, the USA, and Russia. Jelastic team is absolutely sure - this partnership will enable MIRhosting customers to benefit from secure cloud services that also meet their data residency requirements.

Below is an excerpt of the press release

«MIRhosting team has a long time ago established understanding of the cloud technologies.  As part of our strategic planning in delivering state of the art cloud capabilities we focused our efforts on execution of these key milestones:

-       Establish our physical presence in various geographic locations

-       Deliver continuous (24x7) technical support for our clients

-       Offer disaster backup and recovery capabilities

-       Expand our expertise in delivering cloud nodes and virtualization

We are excited that the last piece in our cloud orchestration strategy and services billing is enabled with implementation of the out of the box solution provided by Jelastic», Andrey Nesterenko, CEO, Innovation IT Solutions Corp.

Extended service portfolio includes hosting, software licensing, backup and disaster recovery solutions.  As a special value add MIRhosting is also offering an instant deployment capability for applications, websites design, continuous IT support and resource management in real time (24х7x365).

“Our platform enables high availability, supports Docker container technology and offers high pricing flexibility in combination with expertise in hosting and unparalleled technical support delivered by MIRhosting.  This combination is ideally suited to satisfy the highest demands and needs of the customers.  In addition, MIRhosting has four physical datacenter locations, which complement deployment of Jelastic’s hybrid cloud and deliver speed and distribution of workload across the platforms." Ruslan Synytsky, CEO, Jelastic

Read the complete release here.