Jelastic PaI 2.2 – The Documentation Overload

| June 18, 2014

For those of you who are fortunate enough to be using Jelastic 2.2, our technical writing team (headed by the amazingly talented Tetiana), have been working alongside our brilliant engineers to bring you documentation on just about everything you could need.

Here, is the impressive documentation list





Account Collaboration

Note:  Due to the account collaboration feature, our Share Environment document has dramatically changed.


Did we miss something?  Let us know and we can get right on to creating any documentation that you need.
Over the coming weeks, we will post articles specific to the new features in Jelastic PaI (2.2) including:

  • SFTP and FISH Protocols for Accessing Jelastic Containers via SSH
  • How to deploy a PHP App Remotely via Capistrano Tool Using SSH Access
  • Hosting a Diaspora Ruby App in Jelastic
  • Collaborate your Jelastic Account with Other Team Members in Order to Improve Internal Processes
  • Manage your Jelastic Account and Shared Environments within Collaboration
  • API support in Jelastic and use/implementation/examples
  • Python Hosting in Jelastic, How to Deploy DjangoCMS

While we have your attention - Do you know  The Most Interesting Developer in the World?  Is it you?