Jelastic PaaS Spans Europe

| May 28, 2013

Dimtry Sotnikov COO of Jelastic

Today, Jelastic has 11 hosting partners and more than 40,000 users around the globe, in the USA, the UK and Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, Russia, Brazil and Japan. Our approach to the PaaS market is similar to Android’s approach to the mobile phone OS market. Instead of making our platform proprietary and monopolized, we partner with established, respected, innovative and reliable web hosting service providers around the world enabling them to compete with Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine etc.

Check out page 18 of the latest WHIR magazine for the full interview with our COO, Dmitry Sotnikov to get a deeper look of Jelastic philosophy, our unique approach to partnerships with hosting providers and why we are getting so much traction in Europe!