Jelastic PaaS Launched at Proven PrimeTel Infrastructure in Cyprus

| November 9, 2017

Today we announced a launch of Jelastic PaaS at PrimeTel, one of the leading and fastest growing Telecom providers in Cyprus. As a result of this partnership, PrimeTel introduced their new Business Cloud Service specifically for Cyprus market. By offering a tremendous saving of costs on hosting, PrimeTel powered by Jelastic allows customers to redirect financial resources on their businesses growth, without having to compromise on their IT needs.

"That is always a benefit for our customers, as well as for Jelastic itself, when we partner with proven local companies in order to provide not only advanced platform but also high performance and superior support. Our cooperation with PrimeTel makes us sure that Cypriot clients will be satisfied with the services and get the needed level of personalized assistance,” said Mr. Ruslan Synytsky, Founder and CEO of Jelastic.

Jelastic cloud platform differs from other PaaS offerings by its convenience, auto-scalability and ease of use. The platform is containerized and offers a wide range of major software stacks. Developers simply choose application servers, databases and load balancers they need, deploy applications without code changes and in a few minutes their projects are smoothly running and scaling based on the load changes. Setting up and managing complex cloud environments are notably simple and straightforward, so that the entire lifecycle of an application is significantly optimized.

"We are very delighted to announce Jelastic availability in Cyprus” said PrimeTel’s CEO Mr. Hermes N Stephanou. "As a technology partner, Jelastic brings us a next-generation Java and PHP cloud platform. It integrates seamlessly within our services and reduces the cost of ownership of online platforms, while increasing flexibility and performance by utilizing PrimeTel’s high speed local and international network."

PrimeTel’s Business Cloud Support is handled in cooperation with Scaleforce, an innovative hosting company with a decade-long track record in the IT industry and a high level of competence in founding and successfully leading technology projects.

30 Days Free Trial and 100% Launch Bonus!

All developers can explore the platform by trying out any combination of services for 30 days absolutely free of charge. In addition, the first deposit will be doubled with 100% bonus (this offer is time limited). As a result, the larger applications you host – the bigger discount you get. This makes Jelastic even more cost-effective not only for development and testing, but also for large-scale production deployments.
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