Jelastic PaaS is Now Available in Japan!

| June 6, 2012

Jelastic Beta Release Now Available in Japan


That's right! You read that correctly.

Jelastic is now available in free beta with our newest partner in Japan. We are really excited about this because we can now say that we are the ONLY PaaS for Java hosting that is available globally.

Truly Global PaaS

"We’ve been seeing a lot of interest in Japan for Jelastic following our recent launches in the US with ServInt, in Russian with Rusonyx and most recently with dogado in Germany. Our vision has been to provide the world’s first global PaaS that is standards-based and doesn’t put limitations on developers and their code. Now, it’s available in Japan." -- Jelastic COO, Dmitry Sotnikov

This is our first deployment in the APAC region and makes Jelastic the only Java host that is available around the globe, in 4 different languages! With our partners in the US, Russia, Germany and now Japan, we are making easy for anyone to deploy their applications to the Cloud. Whether you want a host in the EU or want to keep your data in a US datacenter or you want to use Jelastic in a Russian datacenter in Japanese, you can!

The Best PaaS in the World

Some say that might be overreaching, but with us offering so many things that no one else does--like being standards-based, software stack agnostic, truly global, available in 4 languages and on 3 different continents, and more, it is hard to not think so. And we are working to add even more features and partners so that Jelastic will be the best PaaS for you.