2017 in Short: Jelastic PaaS Achievements of the Year

| December 28, 2017

One more proactive year is reaching its finish line. It brought a lot - new partnerships and locations, new technologies and events, as well as new challenges, that all in all made us stronger. And we need to confess that behind all achievements there stand our partners and customers, who inspire us to create more powerful and advanced product! Thank You!

So let’s look back on the outgoing year and sum up the brightest moments and results.

Availability in 60 Data Centers

Jelastic Cloud Union is growing, conquering different parts of the world. This year we entered Canada, Israel, Cyprus, and the Czech Republic. Here are some stats on our current coverage:

  • 60 data centers with Jelastic installed as public cloud
  • 48 reselling partners
  • 29 countries with local hosting partner
  • 12 hosting providers offer multiple regions within a single panel

During the year we announced 14 new partnerships with hosting providers and marked new spots of our presence on a world map.  Jelastic cloud hosting map coverage

Platform Power Leveling

Jelastic team worked hard to launch 4 major releases of the product, providing significant new features and platform enhancements:

  • Yoda 4.9.5 gave a set of improvements in UI and API, fixed 167 bugs, increased data storage, and DNS lookups performance added Ubuntu support for Elastic VPS, upgraded versions of stacks, OS, and engines.
  • 5th Element provided support of native and managed Docker containers within Jelastic platform, letting developers deploy their containerized application to Docker Swarm clusters or standalone Docker Engine.
  • Stark 5.1/5.2 brought updates in the platform architecture as infrastructure components were re-packaged using Docker standard. This internal change helped to accelerate time to market of demanded features, eased the process of platform installation and upgrades to new versions, as well as improved the efficiency of server resource utilization.
  • Cerebro 5.3  launched with Public IPv6 and multiple IPs support, letting users incorporate up-to-date IP technologies into their applications, providing more freedom in building microservice and monolithic architectures.

docker platform as a servicedocker native paaspaas with docker containersscalable platform docker containers technology

We also announced a set of extra releases with new technical possibilities for users and partners:

  • Cloud Scripting - for automating frequent tasks, complex CI/CD flows and clustering configurations.
  • An enhanced module for WHMCS billing integration available in the WHMCS and ModulesGarden Marketplaces for free download.
  • Java EE 8, Java SE 9 support inside containers, with the possibility to automatically install the latest GlassFish 5, Payara 5, and Tomcat 9 within minutes.
  • Turnkey Jelastic Private PaaS on Google Cloud and its Orbitera Test Drive version for trying out the main product features and administrating options within a dedicated server

Conferences, Meetups, Tours

This year was full of loudly trumpeted conferences and cloud events, as well as user meetups and tours where Jelastic took an active part. Let’s briefly go through the main of them:

WorldHostingDays 2017

Participating at WHD.global, we met service providers from all over the world, highlighted the core concepts on PaaS market, and discussed possible ways to increase the margin of hosting business from the main stage and during networking events.

What is more, we were excited to gather our partners during Jelastic private meeting, discussing crucial points of the further product development, the end-users and partners needs, as well as finding out the required actions for the business growth.

In 2018, we are going to repeat a success of such dedicated partner meeting. It will be held the 14th of March during the same conference (now called CloudFest). More plans will be shared soon!

paas for hosting businesswhd conference speakersIaaS PaaS business eventselling paasplatform as a service hosting providerspaas solution for hosters

Java Oriented Events

Jelastic keeps working closely with Java community and this year we had a set of exciting activities in this direction.

  • Java Tour USA 2017

Java Tour has already become the annual tradition for us and this time it reached the USA. MassiveGRID (Jelastic hosting partner), Oracle, SouJava and Tomitribe joined forces to organize this tour on a high level with informative topics and interesting speakers - Bruno Souza, Otavio Santana, Yolande Poirier, Ean Schuessler, and Leonardo Lima. We drove across US cities, covering the hottest topics connected with Java EE, NoSQL, DevOps, Containers, Cloud Computing, Web Development, Java SE 9, Robotics and Internet of Things.    java cloud hosting

  • JavaOne 2017

Java is in our veins, that's why we try to always participate in JavaOne. This year this conference got wide resonance: a lot of participants have been actively involved in the conference, talking about Java role in transforming the way people work and live in the digital era.

Our CEO Ruslan Synytsky held the session on the decomposition process of legacy Java EE applications, that attracted the interest of many conference visitors and later has grown into the informal chatting and discussion at the developer lounge zone.

Also, during a joint talk about moving Java EE projects to the cloud, Rodrigo Bortoloto showed a demo, running Java EE application in the Cloud with Jelastic PaaS, based on Payara installation sample.

bruno souza jug javaone oracle eventjavaone java hosting java-native platform

  • JEEConf

During JEEConf we presented how to configure and package clustered Payara Micro with load balancing, automatic scaling and dedicated storage for building cloud-native microservices.

  • JavaDay Ukraine

Of course, we could not miss the JavaDay Ukraine in November and participated there with the speech From VMs to Containers: Decompose and Migrate Old Legacy JavaEE Application.

  • The Developers Conference in Brazil

In July, we participated at TDC with two Java-oriented presentations:

cloud platform easy creation of dev, test, production environmentsauto-scalable platform as a serviceAutomatic vertical and horizontal scalingcloud platform for developersPaas support of microservices and legacy applications

User Meetups and Hackathons

This year was also memorable by Jelastic User Days, organized by our hosting partner DataCenter Finland. Customers had a possibility to get a deeper view on the platform and its peculiarities

cloud hosting event for developerscloud platform for software development

neen, our hosting partner from Italy, participated at Meet Magento, presenting high availability and performance of Magento 2.0 cluster in containers preconfigured for automated installation within Jelastic platform.

Also, during Garage48 events, a series of hackathons for developers was co-sponsored by Levira, our hosting partner from Estonia. At the last hackathon in Odessa we gifted a gyro board for the winner - VR survival game founders “No Man's Island”

paas for Java hostingcloud platform for developershackathon for developers cloudhosting

And just recently we visited Italy, participating in TIM Open event, organized by TelecomItalia for cloud adopters and discussing constantly growing PaaS & CaaS market as well as main players comparison.  cost efficient PaaS solution

Cloud Business Events

At DataCloud Europe Congress in Monaco together with Safozi (P4D) we presented the cloud hosting business in Africa: market specifics and ways to grow.

In Cyprus, together with Scaleforce, we participated in PrimeTel Digital Transformation, discussing the most urgent challenges to achieve full cloud literacy in the enterprise world.

Videos and Webinars

Success Stories from Hosting Partners

This year we prepared lots of videos, among which were interviews with cloud service providers, who share their experience in running hosting business, choosing technologies and business models to compete on the market, partnering with vendors of software and hardware, getting results locally and worldwide.   cloud hosting business growth use cases

Overview from Inside

We also shared interviews with Jelastic key representatives, unveiling what are the main reasons for service providers to partner with Jelastic: what target audience it opens, how it helps to differentiate on the market, what partnership and go-to-market programs are offered, how the installation and support are performed, and other peculiarities.   partners program for service providers

Technical Webinars

  • Java EE 8 Highlights, Containers, Microservices and Challenges Ahead
  • How to Improve Java Applications Performance with Containers
  • VMs to Containers: Migrate Legacy JavaEE Applications

Let’s Make the Next Year Together!

2017 was amazing and very productive, and we predict that the upcoming year will bring even more exciting and bright experience for all of us, so let’s make 2018 even more memorable, cheerful and profitable together 😉

Jelastic wish you a great holiday season and prosperous next year with new plans and continuous success in all endeavors. Thank you for being with us!    PaaS for hosting infrastructure