Jelastic Now Available in Atomic-Bomb Proof Data Center Deep in Swiss Alps

| November 9, 2016

We are happy to announce that Jelastic hosting partner Flow App Engine from innofield AG is being extended through another Swiss-based Hosting-Region. The new atomic-bomb-proof region is located deep in the Alps inside a former Swiss army bunker, which today is one of the most secure data centers in the world.innofield hosting new secure region

Flow App Engine, powered by Jelastic, is an easy to use, container-technology based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby applications and Docker Container Hosting.

While being fully committed to improving the protection of customer data, in addition to the high secure geographical location of the Deltalis data center, all data is also protected by Data-at-Rest encryption. The enterprise-class storage systems from NetApp used by innofield, offer integrated data protection with disaster recovery and All-Flash based performance.

"After intensive preparation, we are very happy about the launch of our new and unique hosting-region ALP1", says innofield co-founder Reto Giezendanner. "Thanks to our multi-regional cloud platform located in two completely independent Swiss-based data centers, our customers are able to deploy and orchestrate web applications with highest availability requirements, and all this using a central and intuitive Management-Dashboard.“

Flow App Engine is ideal for Developers, Software Agencies, SaaS Vendors and Businesses of all sizes. It is perfectly suited for those wanting to focus on software development instead of time-consuming infrastructure tasks.

"Advanced understanding of the technology and customers needs, professional support with Swiss quality and extremely protected datacenter - it’s all about our hosting partner innofield. The newly added cloud region, hidden deep in the mountains, made innofield one of the most secure cloud providers in Europe offering an exclusive opportunity for end users to host highly loaded and data-sensitive applications totally isolated and shielded in a unique location in Switzerland," said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO and co-founder of Jelastic

Try now Flow App Engine in both Hosting Regions free for 14 days without credit card information.