Jelastic Newsletter – Oct 12, 2011

| October 13, 2011

We've been busy lately getting ready to our global launch and JavaOne conference but now we are back and excited to send you an update on what is happening in our Jelastic Java cloud universe.
First and foremost, we have officially launched with press-releases, media and analysts briefings. Jelastic is now available both in the US (see this press-release from our US partner - ServInt) and Europe (provided by Host Europe in Germany.) We are working hard on adding more hosting partners and datacenters so you have choice and use the one that suits you the most.
The coverage we got from the launch and JavaOne include write-ups by Tier-1 Research group and Dr. Dobb's portal.
And in case you have not been paying attention here's a quick list of just some of the enhancements we've rolled out in last month:

Bottom-line: we are advancing fast and there's a lot more exciting features and enhancements on the way!
And if you feel like there is still something missing - please do not hesitate to click the Vote for features button at - as you can see from the list of Completed tasks on that screen - we are listening!
Still need help starting with Jelastic? Check out our 2 minute tutorial videos.

Go to Jelastic now and get your apps to the cloud!

We appreciate you using Jelastic. Below are a few links to our Facebook, Twitter, blog and video channel - these are great learning resources and ways to stay in touch. We are also always at our support forums answering any questions that you might have.
Thank you for using Jelastic and providing your feedback,
Ruslan Synytskyy,
CEO @ Hivext Technologies Inc.