Jelastic Newsletter – May 9, 2012

| May 9, 2012

How to use the New Relic Agent in Jelastic, Deploying Spring applications and More. . .

The Jelastic newsletter is a weekly round-up of news, how-to's and contribution opportunities. Here's what's happening this week:

Using the New Relic Agent within Jelastic

A Java Agent is an interceptor in front of your main method, executed in the same JVM, loaded by the same system classloader and governed by the same security policy and context. It is really easy to set up the Java Agent in Jelastic using New Relic.
New Relic is a fantastic tool to monitor performance and pinpoint problems, all the way down to the code. You can read this here or on the blog.

Step 1: Create your environment
  • Go to and sign up if you haven't done so yet, or log in with your Jelastic credentials by clicking the Sign In link on the page.
  • While in the Jelastic dashboard, click the Create environment button at the top left.
  • Pick your application server (for example, Tomcat 6) and specify your environment name, for example, newrelic.
  • Wait just a minute for your environment to be created.
Step 2: Upload New Relic
  • Go to Create a free account and then download NewRelic.
  • Extract the files from your download and upload the newrelic.jar and newrelic.yml files to the home folder.
  • Open variables.conf file (server folder) and specify the path to jar file according to environment variables:
    • -javaagent:/opt/tomcat/temp/newrelic.jar
  • Save the changes and restart Tomcat.
Step 3: Deployment
  • Upload your WAR file in the Deployment Manager.
  • Deploy it to the environment you created earlier.
Step 4: Start New Relic

Deploying your Spring applications using Jelastic

Spring is one of the most popular open source application development frameworks for enterprise Java applications. Millions of developers use Spring to create high performing, easily testable, reusable code without any lock-in. With Jelastic, it's super easy to deploy Spring apps to the Cloud.
Step 1: Create your application
To make things easy, we'll use NetBeans IDE to make a simple Hello app.
  • Run NetBeans IDE and create a new Java Web Application: choose the type of the project, specify the name and the path to your project, pick your application server (for example Tomcat 7) and select Spring as the framework you want to use.
  • Create your WAR file.
  • NetBeans will show the path to the WAR you have just created.
Step 2 and 3: The easy part
  • Create an environment.
  • Upload and deploy the package.
Step 4: Enjoy!
It's almost too easy. But that's the point. With Jelastic, we want you to only have to worry about one thing: the functionality of your application, not setting up servers and having to admin them.
Upload. Deploy. Enjoy.
If you want a little more detailed how-to, you can find it on the blog, here.

Quick updates

  • If you are on ServInt and want to know how the billing system works, this page will clarify it for you.
  • A lot of people have been asking when we are coming out of beta with dogado or Rusonyx: at this point in time, we don't have an exact date, but we are workinghard to make it happen. Not too far away!
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