Jelastic Newsletter – January 25, 2012

By | January 25, 2012

It has been a crazy last week here at Jelastic. So much is going on. Gonna try and catch you up on everything as well as give you some new info, where we are going to be and what’s coming up.

Parallels Summit 2012
One of the biggest things coming up is the Parallels Summit next month in Orlando, FL. It is happening February 14 – 16. This is going to be our first conference of the year. We will be presenting Jelastic to the hosting community as well as doing some demos and showing people how Jelastic can make their lives easier, whether they are on the hosting side or the development side of things. We hope you can make it, but if you can’t, be on the look out for our updates from the conference via Twitter, Facebook and the Blog.
Fighting SOPA and PIPA
As you know, a week ago today, January 18th, a bunch of big sites on the internet went dark and the internet was abuzz with people unhappy with SOPA and PIPA. We did a short post on why those two bills are bad for the internet, for business and innovation. Though SOPA was temporarily shelved, it’s not gone. We need to continue fighting such ignorant legislation by continuing to stay informed and by making our voice heard. Last week, the internet community made it very clear how we felt about SOPA; let’s not lose that momentum, but continue to build on it.
Database Market Share for January 2012
Every month we do our best to give you the latest stats on adoption, usage and popularity of the different software stacks within Jelastic.
This month, we brought you the latest numbers on database usage. Something to notice was that we also added support for CouchDB, so it is now part of the equation. This month, MySQL continued to stay on top, but it looks like the 5% gain that CouchDB had came directly from the MySQL share. It was not exactly something we expected, but it’s interesting to see the dynamic as the number of options grows.
Growing Fast!
If you didn’t catch it this last week, we dropped the news that we have passed the 7,000 user mark! And we are growing quite fast. Thanks to to you spreading the news about Jelastic, more and more people are trying Jelastic out and realizing that deploying your app to the Cloud can actually be easy and painless.
This growth is good for a number of reasons, aside from it just being cool. Probably the best reasons why it’s good are that it further validates our vision here at Jelastic–making Java hosting easy–and because it allows us to continue to innovate and make new features available.
Don’t forget, if there is something that you want to see in Jelastic, tell us! All you have to do is go here and either vote on new features or tell us which one it is that you specifically want.
We Need Your Help
As we continue to grow, our message needs to grow as well. If you run a blog, are active on Twitter, have a ton of friends on Facebook, or you just know everyone that is anyone that works with Java, we could use your influence.
The Java community is huge! There are reports out there that say that there are up to 9,000,000 active Java developers. We can’t reach all of them, but you can.
If you have any ideas on how to do that, or you want to write about us in your blog, let us know! We want to help. We appreciate all the sharing that you have done up until now.
If you can, give us a RT on Twitter, or Like on Facebook. We want everyone to know how easy it can be to get an application up and running in the Cloud, and how cost effective it can be. If you want to help us spread the message, just send an email to or
If there is something you want to see in Jelastic, or something that you feel absolutely needs to be a part of Jelastic, please don’t hesitate to click the Vote for features button at There you can see which ones are trending and which ones we have already integrated: We are listening to you!
You can always find us on Twitter or Facebook.

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We appreciate you using Jelastic. Below are a few links, to our Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Video Channel. These are great learning resources and easy ways to stay in touch with us. We are also always available at our support forums, answering any questions that you might have. Thanks you for using Jelastic and for providing your feedback.

Ruslan Synytskyy,CEO @ Jelestic, Inc.

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