Jelastic Newsletter – January 17, 2012

| January 17, 2012

It's our first newsletter of the New Year! It's been a little while since our last newsletter, and whole a lot has happened here at Jelastic -- So let's get to it!

Using Jelastic for the Internet of Things

This was our very first guest post. And it was a great success. Our friend Charalampos Doukas, author of Arduino, Sensors and the Cloud,told us about combining Arduino with Jelastic. His post combined a short introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) with a how-to on how easy it is to use Jelastic to manage sensor data. You can read it here.

Cyclos in the Cloud

We did a short how-to on deploying Cyclos to the Jelastic Cloud. Cyclos is a fast-growing complete on-line banking system with a number of other cool modules, like e-commerce and communication tools.

How-to Deploy Jease to the Cloud in a Few Minutes

We showed how easy it is to deploy the Jease Content Management System (CMS) to the Jelastic Cloud. Within just a few minutes, you can have Jease up and running on your Jelastic account. The hardest part is probably configuring Jease, but that part was pretty easy too. If you want to give the Jease CMS a try or just want to see if it really is as easy as we say it is, you can read the how-to here.

JRuby and Jelastic : Sweetness

It was one of our most read posts in the New Year. Our how-to showed how effortless it is to deploy a Ruby application to the Cloud using JRuby within Jelastic. Most of you already know that Jelastic supports any JVM-based application, including Java 6, Java 7, Scala and Groovy. JRuby is a fast growing Java implementation of the Ruby language, and with Jelastic, you can easily use it in the Cloud. Give it a try today. It won't take but a few minutes to be up and running.

GlassFish Clustering in Jelastic

Up until now, you could use GlassFish as a separate server with Jelastic. But now that you have the option for high-availability for GlassFish, you can have full instance and cluster replication.

GlassFish is a popular open-source application server that allows you to run any Java EE application. It is liked due to its enterprise level performance and reliability.

Our post on how the replication and high-availability works is here. You can learn more about how GlassFish's clustering architecture, which is based on Administrative Domains and Domains Administration Servers, works and how Jelastic allows you to scale automatically.

If you try using your framework of choice and get stuck - just contact us via the support forums or by replying to this email - we are here to help!

Last Days to Enter the Energy Drink Contest

We know that the life of a developer means that you have to pull the occasional all-nighter (or a lot). In an effort to fuel the crazy lifestyle that is the life of the developer, we did a little contest to help out.

All you have to do is tell us what your favorite energy drink is and you could win. We've already selected 2 winners and we are choosing one more this week!

Just go to our Facebook page and in the comments on the energy drink post tell us what your favorite drink is (and while you're there, make sure you "Like" our page!) and you could be our next winner!

We want to hear from you!

Last but not least we want to hear from you!

If there is something you want to see in Jelastic, or something that you feel absolutely needs to be a part of Jelastic, please don't hesitate to click the Vote for features button at There you can see which ones are trending and which ones we have already integrated: We are listening to you!

You can always find us on Twitter or Facebook.

Still need help starting with Jelastic? Check out our 2 minute tutorial videos.

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We appreciate you using Jelastic. Below are a few links, to our Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Video Channel. These are great learning resources and easy ways to stay in touch with us. We are also always available at our support forums, answering any questions that you might have. Thanks you for using Jelastic and for providing your feedback.

Ruslan Synytskyy,CEO @ Jelestic, Inc.
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